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Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition Launch - 21 May 2014

After a 14 month cross-sectoral consultation process, Scottish Cabinet Secretary Mike Russell officially launched a Statement of Ambition for Adult Learning in Scotland. Ambitious in scope and vision, it proposes that 'adult learning in Scotland will be recognised by all as a central element of personal and community empowerment' (p.6). Adult learning is framed as lifelong, lifewide and learner-centred, and the three stated ambitions are:

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9th International Conference on Work and Learning - Singapore 2015

Having been to three of these conferences (Denmark, China, Scotland), I can highly recommend it. The atmosphere is very welcoming for postgraduate students! Here are the official details:

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Migrating medical professional knowledge: Learning to regulate the profession

In 2011 37% of doctors in UK completed their qualifying medical education outside of the UK. This study explores two issues: (1) how employers of doctors assess a doctor’s professional knowledge; and (2) how medical professional knowledge is impacted by incorporating the practices of non-UK doctors.  Employers play a critical role in the regulation of medical services, having responsibility for assessing medical and linguistic competency of doctors (GMC, 2012, p. 26).

Active Learning Centre

The Active Learning Centre is hosted by CR&DALL within the Social Justice, Place and Lifelong Education Research Cluster in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. It has 20 years of experience of working in overseas development addressing issues of poverty reduction. The Centre speacialises in two main areas: gender and the rights of women and building capacity for civil society. The title ‘Active Learning’ denotes its commitment to experiential and life long learning and to the use of participative learning methodology.   

Bonnie Slade at ASEM Research Hub for Lifelong Learning meeting in Bangkok

On December 2-3 I attended the Annual Meeting of the National Strategies for Lifelong Learning Hub of ASEM in Bangkok, Thailand at the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.  This international network included researchers, practitioners and policy makers from 11 Asian and European countries.  Delegates from all countries made presentations on issues such as employability and skills development, community learning, learning cities, and the impact and outcome of lifelong learning.

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The Museum of 3rd Horizons: By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation

The Goodison Group in Scotland and Scotland's Futures Forum's scenario project “By 2025 Scotland will be regarded as a world-leading learning nation” was launched earlier this year. We are now embedding learning. The adult learning sector is alive with strong values and practices which will be key to success. This hugely innovative ‘Museum of the 3rd Horizon’ event in Glasgow will bring together those involved in adult learning now and in the past to share and explore those values, practices, barriers and opportunities.

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Strategic Forum on Adult Lifelong Learning

The first meeting of the Strategic Forum for Adult and Lifelong Learning was held on Thursday 3 October. It will "take forward a coherent and ambitious agreed policy in a sector that needs renewed attention" said Mike Russell, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.

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The Interim Evaluation of the EC's Lifelong Learning Programme, 2007-2013

By 2010, the current Lifelong Learning Programme of the EC had run for three years. In order to improve the continuation of the programme, and to provide recommendations for the successor programme (2014–2019), the Commission launched an interim evaluation. The objective of this evaluation led by Public Policy and Management Institute in Vilnius was twofold, namely to provide a retrospective and a prospective analysis. The evaluation covered the period from 2007-2009 and included analysis of the overall programme as well as its sub-programmes.


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