CR&DALL Seminar Series 2015-2016

Learner centred approaches to adult education in Scotland

The Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition states that adult learning should be lifelong, life-wide and learner-centred. This interactive workshop will explore what we understand by a learner centred approach to adult learning and how it impacts on our practice.

The key address will be from Professor Michele Schweisfurth who is Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests include an analysis of learner centred education.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Using practice in Uganda as a case study

Using practice in Uganda as a case study, the workshop will examine a range of themes including:

  • Community  Development  and  the  lived  reality
  • Community  Development  and  sustainability
  • Popular Education and Community Organising

Presenter: Dr Peter Westoby, University of Queensland

Date: Tuesday 24th May, 1pm to 3pm

From smart cities to smart learning environments - A comparative study

We are in the midst of a new economic age, a complex competitive landscape defined largely by globalization and digitalisation. That means that the utilization and production of knowledge and innovativeness have become critical to organizational survival (Uhl-Bien, Marion, McKelvey, 2007).

Community Development, The Arts and Issues of Criminality and Justice

Vox Liminis is a creative community, developing the role of the arts in reducing crime and promoting justice in Scotland. 

Working primarily through music, we work in prisons with prisoners and professional singer-songwriters to write songs together. We also work with families affected by crime.


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