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Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W] - June 2019

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In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for papers relating to international conferences: the 22nd GeNeMe Conference "Communities in New Media" in Dresden, the TVET Conference 2020 in Pretoria (see Conferences) and the Cedefop/OECD symposium on apprenticeship (see Networks and Organisations); also a call for applications for the IPEP Winter School 2019 in Verona (see Programmes and Projects); calls for contributions to the Edited book for UFHRD and the Handbook of research on TVET (see Publications), and calls for proposals for the VET Research Award 2019 and the new EMCC Research Award (see Networks and Organisations). And not to overlook: the vacancy announcements for positions at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (see Networks and Organisations)!

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Latest news on European research in learning and work [L&W] - April 2019

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for papers relating to international conferences: the UFHRD Doctoral symposium in Nottingham, the UALL Work and Learning network conference in London, the EDI stream on Diversity and Precarious Work in Rotterdam, the CVER conference in London, the PASCAL conference in Cork, the European Access Network conference in Ghent, the BIBB conference in Siegburg, the ProPEL conference in Sydney and the ReNAdET meeting in Thessaloniki; also calls for papers relating to a book on VET in the age of digitalization, and to special issues of journals: on the economics of vocational education (ERVET), on continuing training (IJTD), on international mobility (JIM/ERASMUS+), on gender hegemony (HRDI) and on adult learning and sustainability (RELA).

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Latest news on European Research in Learning and Work [L&W] - February 2019

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for papers relating to international conferences: the Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning in Copenhagen, #EDEN2019 in Bruges, the ESREA conference in Belgrade, the EAPRIL conference in Tartu (see Conferences) and the Transitions in Youth (TIY) workshop in Maastricht (see Networks and Organisations), and to special issues of international journals: Gender hegemony (HRDI), Refugee workforce integration (HRMJ), Literacies and adult education (RELA) and International mobility in education, training and research (JIM/ERASNUS+). And not to overlook the following offers: a call for tender (BIBB), a call for applications (CIDER), a position of Research Intern (SFIVET) and limited places for the ECADOC summer school in Malta (see Programmes and Projects)!

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VisNET: Virtual in situ networking to reinvent the rules of international collaborations and reduce gender differences in academic careers

I’m pleased to report that Nicki Hedge and Catherine Lido are co-Is in a new EPSRC project led by Professor Anne Anderson, Head of the College of Social Sciences at the Universiy of Glasgow as PI. The funding for the project in total is £395,302, and it includes other Co-Is from Engineering and SPS. Congratulations to both Nicki and Catherine on this achievement.

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Patterns of Co-operation between Higher Education and the World of Work

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It has long been suggested that in order to meet the requirements of the knowledge economy, university provision for adult learners is crucial. In its resolution of 2011 on modernising universities for Europe’s competitiveness in a global economy, the European Council claimed:

to improve the identification of training needs, increase the labour market relevance of education and training, facilitate individuals’ access to lifelong learning opportunities and guidance, and ensure smooth transitions between the worlds of education, training and employment.” (EU 2011a)

CR&DALL and BSI Workshop - Equality as an Endpoint: Learning, Training and Global Pathways to Inclusive Development - 18 June 2018

An interdisciplinary workshop on 18th June 2018 at the University of Glasgow brings together views, perspectives, and insights from international policy makers and academics on effective learning and training for inclusive and sustainable socio- economic development of marginalised populations globally. According to the recent Human Development Report (2016) by UNDP average human development has improved globally; yet marginalized sections continue to suffer basic forms of deprivation.

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Latest Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work - April 2018

The Newsletter for European Research in Learning and Work [L&W] is provided by the Research Forum WIFO, which has been involved in collaborative European VET and HRD research related to various networks, particularly VETNET and the UFHRD, to EU programmes and Cedefop activities. The L&W Newsletter is intended to offer first-hand information on European VET and HRD research, including news on networks, conferences and seminars, web-based resources, projects and publications. 

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New Project: Exchanging knowledge with policymakers and marginalised youth about skill training in India

In recent years, both India and Scotland have made an extensive investment in skill training and education to reduce the unemployment of marginalised youth and enabling their social and occupational mobility (ILO, 2011, 2016). This knowledge exchange project funded through an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, comprising of a workshop (India) and a seminar (Glasgow), offers an important and timely opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, and academics from India and Scotland to share experiences, develop understandings, and participate in dialogue to provide evidence for the policies and infrastructures that need to be developed and implemented to facilitate the positive engagement of young people in skill training programmes.

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