Food Waste

Food Waste Reduction Project

A Horizon 2020 project has been launched with the aim of helping to cut food waste across Europe by 30% by 2025.  The venture is co-ordinated by Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek in the Netherlands and has 26 partners from 12 European countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Italy, as well as non-EU consortium members from China and Kenya. You can read more about it here.  

CR&DALL Themes: 

Food Security Fund - £14 million

The themes for the Global Food Security programme were announced on 29 May. They are:

  1. Enhancing productivity;
  2. Resilience and sustainability of agricultural landscapes;
  3. Increasing resilience of international supply chains; and
  4. Influencing food choice for health, sustainability and resilience at the individual and household level.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Food Hubs for Regional Food Systems

The Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University is working with community leaders in developing a food hub connecting small farms with regional markets. 

CR&DALL Themes: 

Education for Global Citizenship Unit

The Education for Global Citizenship Unit (EGCU) is located within CR&DALL within the Social Justice, Place and Lifelong Education Research Cluster in the School of Education at the University of Glasgow. It is coordinated by Dr Alan Britton while also drawing upon staff from across the wider School of Education in response to the specific needs of particular research and development projects.

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