Current CR&DALL Projects

This section covers CR&DALL Projects currently running. A brief summary is provided - together with links where appropriate.



ASSIST Global” is our shorthand for a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project called “Groundwork and preparation for a research study to adapt, develop and test the implementation effectiveness of ‘A Stop Smoking In Schools Trial’ (ASSIST) in low and middle income settings”.

Building capacity to use arts-based methods for non-communicable disease prevention in Malawi and Tanzania

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are a growing public health issue in Malawi and Tanzania. Recently with residents in Malawi, we explored the possibilities of a new community arts-based methodology to develop the local understandings of NCDs essential for effective intervention.

Based on the partnerships and pilots of this study, this workshop will solidify and share new arts-based methods for public health research.

PI: Zoë Strachan, School of Critical Studies, College of Arts

Counter-mapping for peri-urban social justice: accounting for spatial narratives of community resistance and dispossession in urban transition

Due to intense land conversion around Manila, this project will map experiences of marginalized communities caught in urban transition. It will interrogate territorialisation of peri-urban dispossession and resistance and pilot a participatory mapping methodology that will produce maps that communities can use for their struggles and for sustainable community planning.

PI: Arnisson Andre Ortega, School of Social and Political Sciences/Urban Studies

CoIs: Mia Perry, School of Education; and Brian Barratt; School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

Finding Common Ground: Policy implications of new evidence about Syrian refugees and citizens in the UK, Lebanon and Greece

We are pleased to report that CR&DALL core member, Dr Lesley Doyle together with Dr Gareth Mulvey (School of Political and Social Sciences at University of Glasgow) have been awarded ESRC Impact Acceleration Account funding to extend the dissemination and impact of the findings from the GCRF ESRC project: Building Futures: Aspirations of Syrian Youth Refugees and Host Population Responses in Lebanon, Greece and the UK.

Building Research Collaboration with India and Kyrgyzstan to explore the role of universities in developing skills for smart cities

Smart cities’ have now led to the proliferation in the discourses and practices of ICT-based urban development in South and Central Asia, particularly, in India and Kyrgyzstan. The Indian government has committed itself to developing 100 smart cities by 2050 to address the rise in urban population by 8%. Similarly, in Kyrgyzstan smart city initiatives have been implemented with UNDP to ensure sustainability, efficiency, and livability of its growing urban population.

Better Start Blackpool – Activate and Community Development Research

The Better Start Blackpool project is one of five sites across England to have received 10 years funding from the Big Lottery (£215million). There purpose is to enhance life chances for 0-4 year olds within a family and community context, Blackpool has chosen to take a Community Development approach in the way they carry out their work.