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Educational Peacebuilding in Medellin and Acapulco

We are very pleased to announce a new award to the University of Glasgow within the  British Academy’s  GCRF Education and Learning in Crises Programme. The project is entitled Educational Peacebuilding in Medellin and Acapulco: Understanding the Role of Education, Culture and Learning in Responding to Crises, and is led from Glasgow by Professor Evelyn Arizpe, Dr Sinead Gormally, working with  Dr Nohora Niño Vega, El Colegio de Sonora, Mexico and Dr Jerónimo Castillo Muñoz, Fundación Ideas para la Paz, Colombia. The value of the award is £357,915.

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for proposals and updates relating to international conferences: the Stockholm conference on VET, the UFHRD conference in Budapest, #LearnOrg in Grimstad, Eucen on lifelong learning in Budapest, the Adult education conference in Vancouver, BCES on comparative education in Sofia (see Conferences), also calls for applications for BeChangeMaker and Skills challenge innovation (see Programmes and Projects), the call for proposals for Game-based learning (see Publications) and the call for applications for a Conference bursary of the Edge Foundation (see Networks and Organisations).

A folksy saying favoured in my ‘other Sydney’ out West is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This fits the mood as this Bulletin goes to press. The going always seems tough to those working in adult learning and education (ALE): poor cousin, Cinderella, little money, no recognition, left out of the global planning of MDGs and all but out of the SDGs, and so on.

Cedefop is taking all necessary measures to ensure the wellbeing of its staff and the wider community during the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak while remaining operational and implementing its work programme. Read about this, together with other Cedefop activities, in their latest newsletter:

Our new issue of Quest - adult and community education success stories from around Australia

Welcome to our first issue of Quest for 2020, which gathers stories about the impact of adult learning programs from around Australia. 

In this issue you'll find stories about how a bridging literacy and numeracy class is opening new career and study opportunities for young mums in country Victoria, how traineeships in rural and regional towns in WA give young locals a reason to stay instead of moving away; how an all abilities choir in Queensland gives joy and meaning to its members; tips for using Instagram and more.

INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE in PIMA Webinar #2 | Adult Learning and Education (ALE), Climate Crises and COVID-19: Critical Reflections from Australia. This will be led by a panel of Australian adult educators, scholars, and activists – Jenny Macaffer, Jim Falk and Robbie Guevara. 

In the light of escalating restrictions in the UK and abroad because of the global pandemic and the uncertainty in terms of when any restrictions will be lifted, we have taken the decision to postpone HER2020.

CR&DALL subscribers are invited to contribute to a new initiative being coordinated by the Form@re Journal at the University of Florence in Italy concerning post-COVID-19 recovery. In section 6 below you will read about the contexts for focus, and in sections 7 and 8, how you can play a role.

As COVID-19 continues spreading in many countries of the world, how to keep learning in disruption has become a major challenge to the global education community. As stated by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay: “We are entering uncharted territory and working with countries to find hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech solutions to assure the continuity of learning.”

A new post as a Knowledge Exchange Associate, working within the College of Social Sciences (CoSS) Research Support Office at the University of Glasgow is now available. The post holder will be responsible for the identification, development and implementation of new collaborative Knowledge Exchange (KE) opportunities for the Inequalities and Sustainable Development in Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) Cities research group, under the supervision of Professors Sayantan Ghosal, Michael Osborne, Fabrice Renaud and Alastair Leyland.

In this ALADIN Online Alert, I would like to highlight:

Le VIème FORUM MONDIAL POUR LES APPRENTISSAGES TOUT AU LONG DE LA VIE est REPORTE au 1er et 2 octobre 2020, cela ne vous surprendra pas. Le reste est inchangé : même lieu, même thème, mêmes ateliers, même options. Voir le site

With an ever increasingly globalized world that depends heavily on technological tools such as the Internet and other accompanying innovations and changes, there are multiple non-traditional literacies required for success.

The School of Education of the University of Dar es Salaam through its Department of Educational Foundations, Management and Lifelong Learning will host an International Conference to commemorate 50 years of Adult Education in Tanzania. The conference will bring together stakeholders of adult education from within and beyond Tanzania to refl ect on its status since its declaration in 1970. The conference marks an important milestone in the roadmap towards reinvigorating the glory of Tanzania in the field of adult education.


Over recent months (September 2019 to January 2020) I have been visiting Taiwan on three occasions, accompanied by my wife, Caterina. On two previous occasions (2013; 2018) I had presented at Later Life Learning conferences (Chiayi; Taipei), as a guest of the Department of Adult & Continuing Education (DACE) at the National Chung Cheng University (CCU). In September/October, October/November and January of this year, I was a visiting scholar at CCU helping with teaching, research and staff development.

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