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These case studies are diverse in style, length and content. They approach this significant subject from different contexts and directions. They are presented here in the authors’ own words and ways of seeing, edited only for ease of reading and understanding.

Voluntary-based study circles and related municipal policies: international best practices

A recent editorial in Times Higher Education warned that the growing need for lifelong learning might bypass universities, and a feature article gave examples of this happening already in the US.

Read the new publications from the National Academies, especially Building Capacity for Teaching Engineering in K-12 Education, and Changing Expectations for the K-12 Teacher Workforce: Policies, Preservice Education, Professional Development, and the Workplace.


ALA Webinar: Designing engaging learning experiences

This webinar explores the key ingredients that make for an engaging learning environment, including ensuring relevance, focussing on growth and progress rather than just achievement, building a positive learning culture and developing learner’s self-efficacy.

Thank you for your support of Adult Learning Australia throughout 2019. We invite you all to complete our member survey.

CR&DALL Director Professor Michael Osborne was amongst an expert group who met at UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong Learning in Hamburg on 4/5 February 2020 to discuss the development of a programme of work concerning how universities contribute to the implementation of lifelong learning and the development of lifelong learning as a research field.

The European Apprentices Network (EAN) was launched in May 2017 to make sure that the voice of young people is heard in discussions related to Vocational Education and Training and apprenticeships at European level.

The Forum for Access and Continuing Education invites you to join us for the FACE Conference 2020 which brings together practitioners, researchers, and policymakers working in a variety of contexts and settings to share research and practice on access, social justice, and lifelong learning.

Roger Fieldhouse, who has died aged 79 after short illness, was a prominent adult educator in the university sector from 1970 until his retirement in the early 2000s.

The second partner meeting for the Equality Project: Starting from Home (TEP) was hosted by the University of Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania) and Dr Amina Kamando between 6th and 11th January 2020.

In Building public health capacity through online global learning, online global learning is defined as “innovative, integrated, global opportunities for capacity building through online learning and shared experiences between and within Low- to Middle-Income Countries and High-Income Countries, in a continuous process that helps health care workers learn as they progress through their careers”.

From initial training to continuing education, from HR strategies for companies to intermediation in the labor market and employment policies, there is not one area where the term "skills" is not used today.

eucen and the Central European University are pleased to invite you to submit contributions to the 52nd eucen Conference that will be held in Budapest (HU), Wed 27 – Fri 29 May 2020, entitled “University Lifelong Learning for Increased Participation, Performance and Partnership”.

Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) is looking for somebody to join us (from anywhere in the world) as the Production Lead! We are looking for a candidate who can bring communications, design, and product management skills to our small team as we support more and more non-formal adult education communities around the world.

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is dedicated to the belief that lifelong learning contributes to human fulfillment and positive social change. To that end, we provide leadership for the field of adult and continuing education by expanding opportunities for adult growth and development; unifying adult educators; fostering the development and dissemination of theory, research, information, and best practices; promoting identity and standards for the profession; and advocating relevant public policy and social change initiatives.

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