Policy Scotland lunchtime seminar on the education, training and work aspirations of young Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Greece and the UK

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CR&DALL core member, Lesley Doyle, will be presenting outcomes from her research concerning the education, training and work aspirations of young Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Greece and the UK funded through a GCRF ESRC project within the council’s Force Migration call at a Policy Scotland lunchtime seminar on Tuesday 25 June 2019 at 1230. Full details are shown below.

PRIA International Academy Offers New Course: Youth, Democracy and Everyday Life

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Are you:

  • A youth led organization? Organization working on issues of youth in India?
  • Researcher working on youth related issues?
  • Academician learning ways to engage youth?

Based on the real time experience of Indian youth across 40 cities, PRIA International Academy offers this short course on "Youth, Democracy and Everyday Life".

Young Women and Girls in Contemporary Scotland and Beyond Conference - Sept 5, 2018, Glasgow

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‌‌This free, one-day conference will bring together academics of all career stages, students, practitioners, activists, volunteers, local communities and young women, working across a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches, to discuss issues facing young women and girls today. Specifically the event will bridge research and applied work through inclusive practices that value all women and girls, with a focus on addressing inequalities.

CR&DALL and BSI Workshop - Equality as an Endpoint: Learning, Training and Global Pathways to Inclusive Development - 18 June 2018

An interdisciplinary workshop on 18th June 2018 at the University of Glasgow brings together views, perspectives, and insights from international policy makers and academics on effective learning and training for inclusive and sustainable socio- economic development of marginalised populations globally. According to the recent Human Development Report (2016) by UNDP average human development has improved globally; yet marginalized sections continue to suffer basic forms of deprivation.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Independent Review of Financial Support for Students in Scotland

The consultation seeks views on the independent review of student support in further and higher education in Scotland, chaired by Jayne-Anne Gadhia. The review and consultation takes place in the wider context of Scottish Government ambitions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the post-16 learner journey and work on Widening Access.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Minds Wide Open

Prof. Henry Brimmer, faculty member in Michigan State University’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations has developed an exciting program that brings students from around the world to collaboratively tackle an advertising issue generated by a business wishing to expand its reach to younger audiences.


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