Management Structure and Governance

The Management Structure for CR&DALL

CR&DALL is governed and managed through a committee and staff structure which reflects the Centre's vision and expertise.

Strategic and operational advice to the Centre is provided by an International Advisory Panel and by a National Advisory Committee.

The National Advisory Committee comprises members of the research and policy community external to the University of Glasgow. Meetings are held both electronically and, on occasion, face-to-face. The Committee meets on an ad hoc basis when required.

The International Advisory Panel consists of eminent researchers in international centres of excellence involved in adult education and lifelong learning - with particular expertise in research relevant to social justice, social inclusion and widening participation. The views and advice of the Panel are solicited electronically when particular issues arise.

The individual members of the CR&DALL Committees are listed in the 'People' section which can be found by clicking on the link on the left.

Professor Michael Osborne is the Director of CR&DALL. Mike is recognised internationally in the field and has an eminent research and teaching background. He is Professor in Adult and Lifelong Education in the School of Education.

In addition, CR&DALL benefits from the expertise of School of Education colleagues, covering the UK, Europe and Latin America, in social justice issues, literacies, popular education movements, widening participation and community education.

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