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Reconstructions of Adult Education: An invitation

November 2019 will mark an important educational centenary: the publication of the Ministry of Reconstruction’s Final Report on Adult Education. The report, largely authored by R.H. Tawney, set the groundwork for liberal adult education in Britain for the rest of the 20th century. Its centenary is, we believe, a vital opportunity to reflect on the needs and possibilities for adult education today.

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Researching our Practice: Professor Mike Osborne Pre-Conference Workshop at the NAEEA Conference on the Gold Coast in Australia

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Professor Mike Osborne shared with National Association of Enabling Educators (NAEEA) of Australia Conference delegates the secrets to 'Researching our Practice'. He began with asking the question, 'Where do you start?'. Professor Osborne shared his vast experience and insights on the following topics:

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Libraries adopting innovative model for community learning

Libraries are making online education more accessible and interactive by adopting "learning circles", librarian-facilitated study groups for people who want to take online courses together and in person. This November, 15 public library systems in the US and Canada will run free learning circles for hundreds of library members who will learn together for 6 to 8 weeks. Topics reflect a broad range of interests, including refugee rights, healthy eating, public speaking, and computer science.

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The workforce of the future, digital inclusion and seniors, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and more - ACE News, October 2, 2017

Lifelong learning for a changing workforce, busting stereotypes about older learners, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and more stories about adult and community education are featured in this week's news round up.

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DARE International Conference on Inclusive Education, Tbilisi, Georgia, 20-22 Nov, 2017

The Ministry of Education & Science of Georgia (Eka Dgebuadze), Sokhumi (Lia Akhaladze) and Ilia (Manana Salukvadze) State Universities, Georgia; University of Haifa (Hanan Alexander), Israel; and European Access Network (Mee Foong Lee), UK, have the pleasure in inviting you to our DARE international conference on inclusive education.

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Independent Review of Financial Support for Students in Scotland

The consultation seeks views on the independent review of student support in further and higher education in Scotland, chaired by Jayne-Anne Gadhia. The review and consultation takes place in the wider context of Scottish Government ambitions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the post-16 learner journey and work on Widening Access.

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Professor Peter Jarvis - 80th Birthday

Three former professors of adult education, and the current chair, from the University of Glasgow were amongst some 100 friends and colleagues who celebrated the 80th birthday of Professor Peter Jarvis, the eminent adult educator, known to all in the field. Professor Lalage Bown, Emeritus Professor of Adult Education at Glasgow eloquently spoke of his contributions especially in the international sphere.

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Invitation to Participate - Global Access to Postsecondary Education (GAPS) Initiative

The GAPS mission is to build a global, engaged & collaborative access community that will champion post-secondary education for all and transform student opportunity.

Our vision is to connect the access community around the world so that the cause of access and student success for those underrepresented at the post-secondary level will gain its voice, momentum and capacity for impact, positively transforming student opportunity at the global and local level. 

I would like to invite you to participate in our work.

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