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Learning transitions can be disruptive and unsettling to any young person. Children aged between 12-25 years old are particularly vulnerable, given how this period can impact on increased risks of anxiety, depressive disorders, and mental illnesses later in life.

Universities and other higher education institutions have a critical role in helping society achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their research, learning and teaching, campus operations and leadership. One of the most important ways they can contribute to this is to support students and other learners within their sphere to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and mindsets to contribute to solving the complex sustainable development challenges our world faces.

Literacy programmes have suffered severely during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet adult literacy and education have been absent in many initial education responses. Even before the crisis, 773 million non-literate adults and young people were failing to acquire basic reading and numeracy skills.

In 2021, the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society (BCES) is organizing two conference events:

From 1-4 September, The City of Melton and the City of Wyndham co-led the inaugural Global Learning Festival with over 20 other partners including the PASCAL Observatory and the Australian Learning Communities Network (ALCN) who helped bring this event to life.