Pedagogy of Post-Compulsory Education

Graduates for the 21st Century (QAA)

This project was concerned with supporting HEIs and the sector in refreshing, refocusing and integrating each of the completed Enhancement Themes. For each of the Themes, facilitators took forward a number of specific activities which will include the following three broad areas of work: Working with institutions to support institutional and inter-institutional work; Events and activities to support the sector; Writing to build a resource for use by the sector. Work within this project on Research-Teaching Linkages is being undertaken by Vicky Gunn and Velda McCune.

What constitutes teacher excellence in higher education? Literature Review of ‘Excellence in teaching and learning’

Concepts of excellence, like concepts of quality, are subject to debate. This was illustrated by the CHERI (2007) report and remains a valid observation. However, as well as continued operationalising of these contentious concepts since 2007, added urgency has arisen to engage with excellence in university teaching, especially in areas of the globe particularly affected by the economic downturn, Australia, USA, Europe.

Supporting and Developing the Curriculum: Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Blueprinting

The Developing and Supporting the Curriculum (DSC) Steering Group, has commissioned a project on the Curriculum for Excellence and its impact on universities.  The project is being undertaken as a research study, focusing on the impact of the Curriculum for Excellence pedagogical changes for universities, from the perspectives of schools, colleges and universities. The study will research, and contribute towards, the development of a sustainable and productive dialogue between schools, colleges and HEIs, with the involvement of a wide range of cross-sector agencies and organisations, on the

Higher Education and Innovation

An EC DG EAC funded project with LSE Associates and Research voor Belied (Mike Osborne with PASCAL associates including Professors Chris Duke and Dr Fumi Kitagawa)

The overall aim of the study will be to contribute to the better understanding of recent developments affecting higher education and offer evidence on how innovation can support higher education in times of change.  Specific objectives are identified as follows:


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