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Please note also that CR&DALL cannot be responsible for the accuracy of information provided to us by outside bodies. Further information about the event or activity should be sought from the contacts given in that section as this is likely to be the sum total of information provided to us.

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for papers relating to international conferences: the Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning in Copenhagen, #EDEN2019 in Bruges, the ESREA conference in Belgrade, the EAPRIL conference in Tartu (see Conferences) and the Transitions in Youth (TIY) workshop in Maastricht (see Networks and Organisations), and to special issues of international journals: Gender hegemony (HRDI), Refugee workforce integration (HRMJ), Literacies and adult education (RELA) and International mobility in education, training and research (JIM/ERASNUS+). And not to overlook the following offers: a call for tender (BIBB), a call for applications (CIDER), a position of Research Intern (SFIVET) and limited places for the ECADOC summer school in Malta (see Programmes and Projects)!

Here is the latest Cedefop newsletter with the main story Cedefop launches ‘matching skills’ online information tool, together with information about other news and events.