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The planned project aims to collect a number of articles from different countries of the world, describing best practice in financing of popular (community, liberal) education from public sources. Examples from Germany, Scandinavian countries, South Korea, Japan etc., but also good examples from developing countries should demonstrate financing mechanisms and the logic behind, based on which public funding is granted for the third ALE domain of popular (community, liberal) education and active citizenship.

While the COVID-19 pandemic further challenges people and education systems in many countries worldwide, others are entering into the recovery phase. The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) continues to provide expertise in how to ensure education for everyone during the pandemic and on how to make use of the learnings of this crisis.

The Agrarian South Network (ASN) is creating a Platform for Dialogue with the aim of raising consciousness on ongoing liberation struggles and the search for socialist alternatives among working peoples. With the ongoing financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic likely to intensify the protracted contradictions of the world economy still reeling from the systemic shock of 2008, we are according to the ASN, at a historic juncture.

Apprenticeships for adults are one of the policy solutions to the need for supporting adults willing to train, while broadening the skills base of the working population across Europe.

Bloomsbury Academic has just launched a new series of publications under the title ‘Adult Learning, Literacy and Social Change’.  One of the volumes will be edited by Jules Robbins and myself under the title Adult Learning and Social Change in the UK: National and Local Perspectives. A call for abstracts for this follows below.