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In this edition of the L&W Newsletter you should note in particular several calls for papers relating to international conferences: the Stockholm conference of Research on VET, the conference stream on Technology, Gender and Working Life in Kent, the conference on Organizational Discourse in Amsterdam, the conference on Science and Technology Education in Porto (see Conferences) and the Workshop on Education and Training Policies in Europe in Berlin (see Networks and Organisations); also the call for chapters on Promoting Sustainable Development (see Publications). And not to overlook: The Public online voting for the VET Researcher Award and the Position of Research Associate at BIBB in Germany (see Networks and Organisations)!

Growing inequality of wealth, opportunity, and access to basic services. Intolerance to differences in language, dress, rituals, food and culture. Irrelevance, fragmentation and even decay of institutions of democratic governance -- legislature, judiciary, law and order machinery, media, civil society. The past year has seen it all.

Dr Muir Houston, Depute Director of CR&DALL, recently attended the 16th International Higher Education Reform (HER) Conference: Digital Society and Higher Education in Mexico City between the 11th and 13th September, 2019. The conference featured a mix of Keynotes, Plenary Panels, and Parallel Paper sessions. Dr Houston's report follows:

This Cedefop briefing paper - Implementing a holistic approach to lifelong learning: Community Lifelong Learning Centres as a gateway to multidisciplinary support teams - aims to inform European Institutions as well as national policy and decision makers on the issue of integrated and holistic approach to lifelong learning. It also share a few recommendations on ways to establish lifelong learning systems at local, regional and national level.

Please find featured below and attached the Spring 2019 issue of the newsletter Ripples, from the Australian Learning Communities Network (ALCN):