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ALADIN Online Alert 32

The ALADIN Online Alert is a joint ALADIN initiative, produced bimonthly by the UIL Library and CDÉACF, with input from additional ALADIN members from all over the world. Its goal is to share recent online and full-text information and documents in the area of adult and lifelong learning.

The British Council Cultural Relations Collection essay competition

We are pleased to announce a new essay competition for our Cultural Relations Collection – a series that explores British Council contexts and case studies to reflect on the theory and practice of international cultural relations more broadly.

We see every child and adult fulfilling their unique potential in a fair world with access to education, health and welfare and full participation in society.

Let’s get there together through ACT2gether, where we are advocating as part of an international social movement that promotes and supports partnership between generations — children and adults.

The 2020 Higher Education Reform Conference (HER2020) |  | Sustainable Development Goals

The 2020 Higher Education Reform Conference (HER2020) | Sustainable Development Goals: Their potential and relevance for higher education policy and reform: As part of the ongoing COVID-19 global crisis we are continuing to monitor the situation and while we are starting to see limited relaxation of restrictions in some countries, travel restrictions generally remain in place and it is unclear when and if normal service in relation to conference travel will resume. We are still considering the option to go ‘virtual’ and we are looking into the logistics of that for the Autumn. Moreover, we would encourage you to still submit your abstracts.

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and PASCAL International Observatory cordially invite you to the first joint webinar within a series of five on “Learning Cities: COVID-19 recovery, from research to practice”, to be held on 17 June at 1300 CET,  and builds on the work of the 4th International Conference on Learning Cities. The webinar will focus on the challenge of inclusion in learning cities.

Here is the first issue of the Céreq International Mission's publication In and Around. Since 1971, the Céreq has produced studies and research to help professionals, decision-makers, social partners, and, more broadly, all those involved in training, work, and employment.

The Céreq is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for Education and the Ministry responsible for Labour and Employment in France.

Derry City and Strabane Virtual Learning Festival - 1-2 July 2020

The Management Group of Learning Cities is currently planning a Virtual Festival for 1-2 July 2020.

Below are some guidelines and examples of how we think the Virtual Festival might look, this is not an exhaustive list but the start of a learning curve (a deep one I would imagine!).

Australian Journal of Adult Education - Vol 60, Number 1, April 2020

Promoting critical thinking and research in the field of adult learning as well as the theory, research and practice of adult and community education, here is the latest edition of the Australian Journal of Adult Education (AJAL):

CR&DALL Update | COVID-19 Activities at the School of Education

This is an update of some of the work that is being undertaken in the School of Education, following a previous summary. For the most part, readers will find links to more detail of the work, and for convenience it is divided into the broad categories of Knowledge Exchange and External Engagement, and Public Discourse.

The current state of social engagement, public and private, in our society, requires urgent attention. An observation of the discourse around us results in three apparent issues. First, it is easy to see our dialogue as divisive wherein the voicing of personal opinions is seen as an attack rather than an opportunity for debate or dialogue. Second, the expression of differing values creates enemies of the “right” and “wrong” person rather than opportunities for mutual respect. Third, and perhaps the most important, is the general lack of discourse itself.

The impact of COVID-19 has meant that Higher Education providers have had to rapidly re-purpose their work to mainly virtual forms to reach learners and support schools and colleges. However, as we look forward to 2020-2021, what does this mean for widening access to higher education work going forward?

The Sustainable Futures in Africa team is pleased to share with you, our dear network members, partners, institutions and communities, our latest newsletter for May 2020. We hope it will find you well during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought about unprecedented changes in the way we work and communicate.

To lighten your mood during these uncertain times, we bring you an overview of goodness. In this newsletter you'll find inspiring individuals, tips to beat the lockdown blues, poetry, intellectual entertainment and important dates for your diary. For once we're grateful for global warming, as the sun in Glasgow is definitely keeping us afloat.

ALS 2020 (Live) is now open for registration! The Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL) is pleased to share our first-ever 100% virtual conference – the Adult Learning Symposium 2020, ALS 2020 (Live). Taking place against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the primary focus will be on digitalising – using technology to design and implement learning experiences and opportunities that are not only efficient but also more engaging, effective and rewarding for learners and employees.

In this edition of the L&W Newsletter, you should note in particular the calls for proposals relating to: (1) the international conference in London on Employer Engagement: Preparing Young People for the Future (see Conferences), (2) the VET Research Award 2020 (see Networks and Organisations) and (3) a Dossier on Research and Practices for a Recovery post COVID-19 (see Programmes and Projects). And not to forget: the announcement of postponed conferences in the previous L&W Newsletter of April 2020

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