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Adult Learning



Addressing global citizenship education in adult learning and education: summary report
Nikolitsa-Winter, Christiana; Mauch, Werner; Maalouf, Philippe
Source: UIL, 12/2019

Adult education 2.0
Baril, Daniel
Source: Only connect - the Lifelong learning blog from UIL, 02/2020

Breaking through: Increasing women´s pariticipation in ALE
Shalaby, Samah
Source: Only connect - the Lifelong learning blog from UIL, 03/2020

How has private expenditure on tertiary education evolved over time and how does it affect participation in education?
Source: OECD, 01/2020
Lang: ENG, FRE

Investing in the skills of adult immigrants
Source: OECD, 12/2019
Lang: ENG, FRE

The Quality of Data on Participation in Adult Education and Training. An Analysis of Varying Participation Rates and Patterns Under Consideration of Survey Design and Measurement Effects
Widany, Sarah et al.
Source: Frontiers in Sociology; 11/2019

Europe and North America

Adult education from a psychological perspective
McFarlane, Oliwia et al.
Source: Journal of Education, Health and Sport; vol. 9, no 9, 09/2019

Basic digital skills for adults in the Nordic countries
Anthony, Susanne et al.
Source: Nordic network for adult learning, 01/2020
Lang: ENG, SWE

The Challenges of the Inmates' Adult Educator. A Greek Case Study
Tzatsis, Petros et al.
Source: Education Quarterly Reviews; vol. 2, no 2, 06/2019

Completing Studies in Alternative Ways in Adult Education. ‘Who has told me that I cannot ...?’
Randevåg, Lena; Boström, Lena
Source: International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research; vol. 18, no 7, 09/2019

Éducation non formelle à l’environnement : Fondements sociohistoriques et modalités d’expression territoriale
Toupet, Joy
Source: Institut national de la jeunesse et de l'éducation populaire (INJEP), 12/2019
Lang: FRE

EPALE Conference 2019 report
Source: EPALE, 12/2019

Educational Leave as a Time Resource for Participation in Adult Learning and Education (ALE)
Rüter, Fabian; Martin, Andreas; Schrader, Josef
Source: Frontiers in Psychology, 01/2020

Étude qualitative auprès d’adultes ayant un faible niveau de qualifications, en attente ou en reprise de formation
Vega Fernández, Patricia; Faulx, Daniel
Source: Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, 12/2019
Lang: FRE

Improving attainment in the FE and adult learning sector
Source: Learning and Work Institute, 01/2020

Life skills and participation in adult learning
Source: European Association for the Education of Adults, EAEA Policy Paper, 12/2019

Mission sur le maintien en emploi des seniors: Rapport au Premier ministre
Bellon, Sophie; Meriaux, Olivier; Soussan, Jean-Manuel
Source: Ministère du Travail (France), 01/2020
Lang: FRE

Petit guide de l'AFEST à l'usage de tous
Source: Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation, 01/2020
Lang: FRE

Latin America and the Caribbean

Pedagogy of Alternation and Rural Education: from epistemological hybridism’s to symmetry with Popular Education
Lélis, Úrsula Adelaide de et al.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Educação do Campo; vol. 4, 12/2019
Lang: ENG, POR


Adult Literacy



Bücher hinter Gittern: Was Gefängnisbibliotheken bewirken können
Krolak, Lisa
Source: UNESCO-Institut für Lebenslanges Lernen (UIL), 01/2020
Lang: GER

Multilingualism: The language of sustainable development
Atchoarena, David
Source: Only connect - the Lifelong learning blog from UIL, 02/2020

Europe and North America


Creating a Culture-Based Language Learning Course for Developing Adult Learners’ 21st Century Skills
Luka, Ineta
Source: Journal of Education Culture and Society; vol. 10, no 2, 09/2019

Language learning strategies and teaching practices in adult L2 education : The case of Swedish for Immigrants
Norlund Shaswar, Annika; Wedin, Åsa
Source: Apples, Journal of Applied Language Studies; Vol. 13, no 3, 08/2019

Latin America and the Caribbean


Los retos de la alfabetización de las personas adultas. Creencias de docentes peruanos y propuestas metodológicas
Bataller Català, Alexandre; Ballester Roca, Josep
Source: REDU, Revista de Docencia Universitaria; vol. 17, no 1, 06/2019
Lang: SPA


Lifelong Learning



Conceptualising lifelong learning for sustainable development and education 2030
Webb, Susan Christine et al.
Source: International Journal of Lifelong Education; Vol. 38, no 3, 07/2019

Conference report: Fourth International Conference on Learning Cities, Medellín, Colombia, 1-3 October 2019 : Inclusion, a principle for lifelong learning and sustainable cities
Source: UIL, 01/2020

Developing a European Framework for the Personal, Social & Learning to Learn Key Competence (LifEComp)
Caena, Francesca
Source: European Commission, 10/2019

Fostering joyful learning in Espoo
Isacsson, Annica; Forstén, Annika
Source: Only connect - The lifelong learning blog from UIL, 02/2020

Humanistic futures of learning: Perspectives from UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks
Source: UNESCO, 02/2020

Making the global goals our own
Nikolitsa-Winter, Christiana
Source: Only connect - The lifelong learning blog from UIL, 02/2020

Manual for developing intercultural competencies: story circles
Deardorff, Darla K.
Source: UNESCO, 12/2019
Lang: ENG, FRE

Senior new tech: Handbook for seniors in the field of IT
Source: Yes Senior New Tech, 01/2020

Voluntary-based study circles and related municipal policies: international best practices
Duke, Chris; Hinzen, Heribert
Source: CR&DALL Working Paper. 1/2020

Asia and the Pacific


Education, Skill Training, and Lifelong Learning in the Era of Technological Revolution
Kim, Jinyoung; Park, Cyn-Young
Source: Asian Development Bank, 01/2020

30 Years Contributing to Education and Training in Africa
Source: Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), 08/2019

Europe and North America

Compétences de vie : regards croisés d'experts : actes de l’atelier de réflexion
Source: France éducation international, 11/2019
Lang: FRE

The future of lifelong learning: designing for a learning-integrated life
Source: D2L Corporation, 01/2020

The future of lifelong learning in Europe
Source: European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), Background Paper, 12/2019

Lifelong Learning Policies for Young Adults in Europe : Navigating between Knowledge and Economy
Parreira do Amaral, Marcelo; Kovacheva, Siyka; Rambla, Xavier
Source: Policy Press, 2019

Lifelong learning in a technology-driven society: the needs, the benefits, and the challenges
Oriji, Abraham; Uzoagu, Ifeoma Felicia
Source: European Journal of Education Studies; vol. 6, no 9, 12/2019

Predictors of lifelong learning: Information literacy and academic self-efficacy
Kozikoglu, Ishak; Onur, Zehra
Source: Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences; vol. 14, no 4, 12/2019

Sustainability in Lifelong Learning: Learners’ Perceptions from a Turkish Distance Language Education Context
İlin, Gülden
Source: Sustainability; vol. 11, no 19, 09/2019

Technical and Vocational Education
and Training



Skills proficiency and the labour market outcomes of migrants
Tuccio, Michele
Source: OECD, 02/2020
Lang: ENG, FRE

Learning Forum: Challenges, Solutions, and Lessons Learned in Delivery of Non-formal Skills Training in Malawi
Source: UNESCO Office Harare, STEP Report Series, No. 2, 01/2020

Asia and the Pacific


Preparing TVET Personnel to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals: Objectives, Concepts, and Experiences
Source: TVET@Asia, Issue 14, 01/2020

Research in the VET sector: an historical perspective
Clayton, Berwyn; Guthrie, Hugh
Source: National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), 01/2020

Europe and North America


Assessing governance and financing of vocational education strategies: A methodology
Dorléans, Marie
Source: European Training Foundation (ETF), 12/2019

Assessing workplace-based learning
Scholtz, Desiree
Source: International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning; vol. 21, no 1, 01/2020

Coordinating guidance and validation
Source: CEDEFOP, 12/2019

Dis-moi quel poste tu occupes, je te dirai quelle formation tu suis
Beraud, Delphine
Source: CEREQ, 12/2019
Lang: FRE

Key indicators on education, skills and employment 2019
Badescu, Mircea
Source: European Training Foundation (ETF), 12/2019

Lessons from the welding booth: theories in practice in vocational education
Asplund, Stig-Börje; Kilbrink, Nina
Source: Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training; vol. 12, no 1, 01/2020

Local skills deficits and spare capacity
Melville, Duncan; Bivand, Paul
Source: Learning and Work Institute, 01/2020

Runaway training: why the apprenticeship levy is broken and how to fix it
Richmond, Tom
Source: EDSK, 01/2020

Skills Next: A series of short reports about the future of skills needs
Source: Future Skills Centre, 01/2020
Lang: ENG, FRE

Virtual conference on Artificial Intelligence in education and training: virtual conference report
Source: UNEVOC, 1/2020

Work-Based Learning in Vocational Education and Training: Varied Communities, Fields and Learning Pathways
Rintala, Heta
Source: Tampere University, 01/2020

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