EAN 2019 - call for papers open!

Hoogpoort 15
9000 Ghent
Monday, 28 October, 2019 to Wednesday, 30 October, 2019

The EAN 2019 Annual Conference encourages better policy making and improves best practices through the sharing of ideas and knowledge and by connecting policy makers, researchers, experts and practitioners. The general theme of this year Drivers for change: policy and practices consists of three tracks:

  1. Foundations for policy - In this track, EAN 2019 collects examples of policies and building blocks for policy makers. Things that come to mind are institutional or national framework,  policy supportive materials and research on shaping and moulding your organizational structure and culture;
  2. Inspiring practices for the future - EAN 2019 offers a floor to good examples from the field. Based on the topic, the conference will group presentations;
  3. Policy in practice - Together with other professionals, look at the interaction between practice and policy. What came first in your institution? How was policy shaped or what good practice was based on policy? Presenters are invited to discuss both during their presentation, preferably with attention on how they interact.


Call for papers now open!