Newly launched ‘TEFCE Toolbox’ supports universities’ community engagement without using metrics or ranking

Newly launched ‘TEFCE Toolbox’

The main output of the three-year EU-funded project, Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education (TEFCE): the TEFCE Toolbox, an institutional self-reflection framework that supports universities to improve how they address societal needs through partnerships with their external communities, has been published.

Developed and piloted over two years through a process involving 180 experts and practitioners from eight EU Member States, the TEFCE Toolbox presents an innovative, robust, and holistic framework to support universities’ community engagement. The TEFCE Toolbox is available as a fully open-access resource at Please find more information in the press release featured below.

We are also mindful that none of this would have happened as well as it did without the leadership of Paul in our project – who is a co-author of the Toolbox – so we have dedicated the Toolbox to his memory.

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Thomas Farnell
Stručnjak za politike visokog obrazovanja/
Higher Education Policy Expert

Institut za razvoj obrazovanja /
Institute for the Development of Education
Zagreb, Croatia


Publication: Community Engagement in Higher Education: Trends, Practices and Policies (2020)

Project: Towards a European Framework for Community Engagement in Higher Education (2018-2020)


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