The People’s Open Access Education Initiative


In Building public health capacity through online global learning, online global learning is defined as “innovative, integrated, global opportunities for capacity building through online learning and shared experiences between and within Low- to Middle-Income Countries and High-Income Countries, in a continuous process that helps health care workers learn as they progress through their careers”.

The People’s Open Access Education Initiative provides low-cost online education to help build Public Health capacity in Low- to Middle-Income Countries, using this model. Courses for continuing professional development or as part of a Master of Public Health (MPH) course, are taught by an international volunteer faculty (including graduates of the programme) and courses are developed using Open Educational Resources.

The part of this programme which is designed for continuing professional development, Peoples-uni Open Online Courses, offers self-paced learning in public health - freely available in any country. Students are spread between low and high-income countries, although Africa remains the largest geographical source. A wide range of courses is available, many in areas not usually covered in traditional MPH courses.

In order to make our various courses more available, we are keen to partner with other organisations to offer and accredit current courses as well as to develop others,.


Contact: Professor Richard Heller

Featured below: Madhok, R., Frank, E., & Heller, R. (2018). Building public health capacity through online global learning. Open Praxis, 10(1), 91-97. doi:


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