Promotions for CR&DALL Core Staff

Promotions for CR&DALL Core Staff

I am very pleased to announce that five core members of CR&DALL have recently received promotions at the University of Glasgow. Lavinia Hirsu, Srabani Maitra, and Kate Reid have each been promoted to Senior Lecturer; Catherine Lido and Bonnie Slade have been promoted to professor, making our complement of chairs in Adult Education four, which surely might represent a unique moment in the field in the UK.

Each of these colleagues has assembled an impressive portfolio of research and teaching in the field of adult education over the past few years, as illustrated by some of the examples below, which collectively illustrate the concern of the School of Education at Glasgow and CR&DALL with research that is international and inter-disciplinary, and which focuses on adult learners, social inclusion and place.

This provides just a taste of what each of our colleagues does, but is enough to illustrate the fantastic contributions that they have made to CR&DALL. Their promotions are very well deserved, and it is pleasure to know that the field of adult education is in such capable hands in Glasgow. Their challenge now is to complete this story. Five female academics go to a pub (socially distanced of course), an American, a Canadian, an Indian (also Canadian), a Romanian and a Scot. The American ...


Michael Osborne
Professor of Adult and Lifelong Learning and Director of Research
School of Education
University of Glasgow