UIL Lifelong Learning Alert No 13 - 16 August 2019


What is happening around lifelong learning these days? How are countries making lifelong learning a reality? What are the latest developments in policy and practice? This is issue No 13, 16 August 2019, of the UIL Lifelong Learning Alert.

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News from the field of lifelong learning, selected by the Library of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning




Latin America and the Caribbean


Jamaica Observer

4,000 students to benefit from literacy and numeracy interventions

Some 4,000 students from 17 primary schools across the island will benefit from initiatives to boost literacy and numeracy under the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) Youth Education and Recreation Cycle 3 Project.






The Conversation

Ghana needs more efficient spending to fix gaps in education

Setting global goals and targets alone might not be enough. It is important to understand how much it will cost to realise the education goal. Implementation lies mainly with member states – but do member states have a full picture of what they have signed up for? How much will be needed to achieve the goals? Can it be afforded? What will be the sources of finance?






Arab States


The Jordan Times

Kindi, the Uber of English Reading, Links Syrian Refugee Students to Language Pals

When Syrian refugees arrive in Lebanon, their Arabic language does them little good in school, where the curriculum is heavy in English. Mike Clarke, a New Jersey native who grew up 15 minutes from New York City, traveled to Lebanon three years ago to explore how technology applied to humanitarian situations and encountered this language issue.






Asia and the Pacific


Hindustan Times

The national education policy promises reforms, but constraints remain

The draft New Education Policy 2019 (NEP) has already received a record amount of feedback, both in print and directly to the human resource development ministry (HRD). The process has been through many rounds, and one has to commend the ministry for the deep and varied range of consultations it has done — from a district-level teacher programme, to a YouGov portal that gave access to the public, and then to the draft consultations.






Europe and North America



“The $300 textbook is dead,” says the CEO of textbook maker Pearson

“There’s a famous phrase: The first step in solving a problem is recognizing you’ve got one,” says Pearson CEO John Fallon. And for education company Pearson, the problem is also one of its key products: the textbook.






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