UIL Lifelong Learning Alert No 14 - 16 September 2019


What is happening around lifelong learning these days? How are countries making lifelong learning a reality? What are the latest developments in policy and practice? This is issue No 14, 16 September 2019, of the UIL Lifelong Learning Alert.

The new service offers you regular insights and news on lifelong learning from all world regions. The alert is compiled regularly; the 13th issue is featured below and you can subscribe for this and other UIL publications here.



New Era, Namibia

School libraries the best weapon in education battlefield

School libraries in Namibia play a significant role in providing information to support National Development Plans (NDPs), Vision 2030, National Revised Curriculum for Basic Education, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly SDG #4.


Arab States

The Jordan Times

Literacy programme draws on past success, revamps for futures

The “Let’s Live in Harmony” multimedia literacy project was designed to improve literacy capabilities of refugee and Jordanian children


Latin America and the Caribbean

The San Pedro Sun

Literacy Day 2019 focuses on Multilingualism

Under the theme “Literacy and Multilingualism,” International Literacy Day 2019 was celebrated in Belize by honoring literacy and multilingualism. Annually observed on September 8th, this year’s event was held on Friday, September 6th to ensure that schoolchildren were a part of the celebration.


Asia and the Pacific

The New Indian Express

Dropout rates of Muslim school students high in Bengal

The school education and literacy department’s report expressed concern over the rate of school dropouts among the students from the minority community.



Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation

Financing the UN Development System: Time for Hard Choices

This report strives is to advance the quality of this evidence-based debate and to expand the marketplace of ideas related to the United Nations and development financing.

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