UniLab project - Newsletter #1

UniLab project - Newsletter #1

UniLab is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under KA2-Capacity Building in Higher Education, which aims to provide tools to universities in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan so that they can improve university-business collaboration and better equip students for the 21st Century challenges.


UniLab Newsletter, issue 1/2020

UniLab is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under KA2-Capacity Building in Higher Education, which aims to provide tools to universities in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan so that they can improve university-business collaboration and better equip students for the 21st Century challenges.

University-Business collaboration is one of the most important keys to success for the global economy. It is key for students, HEIs and enterprises.

UniLab focuses on the refinement of work-based practices for current students and work placements for fresh graduated, developing strategies to ensure the development of students’ employability, the promotion of entrepreneurial skills in the context of the universities’ missions, and the elaboration of extracurricular opportunities for entrepreneurial activities in collaboration with regional trade Chambers and enterprises.

By doing so, the project aims to contribute to the modernisation of the higher education sector within society at large in three Partner countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus and Russia) through the cooperation with four European partners (in Austria, Frances and Spain) and developing tools that allow enhancing collaboration between enterprises and HEIs towards the increase of graduates’ employability.

Learn more about the aims and objectives on the UniLab project website


A step forward in work-based learning

UniLab aims to promote work-based practice for higher education students and work placements for graduates through: 

  • A strong Peer Learning component: this is of primary importance for the partners, who will share their work with others and allow partners and stakeholders to comment or advise for improvement. The EU partners, on their part, will share with the consortium selected models of work-based learning programmes that are currently running successfully. Peer learning will be facilitated and encouraged at national level through several key activities, such Focus Discussion Groups, Local/Regional workshops with stakeholders and 3 Study Visits.
  • The development of a prototype strategic plan for developing existing or new collaborations and of a prototype model of University-Business cooperation that improves and facilitates the current models existing in RU, BY and AZ
  • The development of an education model which will allow partners to modernise their current programmes in RU, BY and AZ and of an extra-curricula activities model designed to help students identify and develop generic graduate skills and to facilitate a smooth transition from education to employment.
  • The development and adaptation of principles, standards and tools for WBL Practical Placement Standards and a ten-year model plan for building up a network of international career centres will be prepared and presented to HEI top management for adoption.
  • The development of the UniLab Students Portal which will be an attractive tool to encourage students’ interaction. 

Discover more about the UniLab project phases here



UniLab Peer Learning Seminar

On 10-12 March, UniLab organised its kick-off Peer Learning Seminar in Barcelona. This two full days seminar gave to the consortium the opportunity to share the collected materials and conclusions from the desk research done at national level in RU, BY and AZ. It also was an opportunity to present the identified case studies of successful practices of Work-Based Learning programmes from European countries.



National Workhops in RU, BY and AZ

During the month of June 2020, the RU, BY and AZ partners have invited national stakeholders to participate in their national workshops. Stakeholders have included students, university administration, teaching staff, employers, chambers or commerce, associations, etc. The national state of the art and the conclusions from the Peer Learning Seminar were presented and participants gave their feedback about the work done. They will be invited to become part of the national Focus Discussion Groups. More information about the National Workshops can be found in the Facebook page of Unilab.  


UniLab Study Visit #1

The first study visit of eucen's UniLab project took place on 22 and 23 September. The Study Visit, organised by the Barcelona School of Management of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF-BSM), took the form of an online activity, due to the current Covid19 pandemic. 

Around 60 participants from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Austria, France and Spain have attended the two days event.

UPF-BSM shared with the UniLab partners their successful model of Work-Based Learning. The activity included presentations from Career Services, Public sector, Employers and Students, who have contributed to the discussion on how to improve Work-Based Learning placements. 

All the learnt lessons will help participants to reflect on how to refine existing systems in RU, BY and AZ and develop a more modern and effective work-based learning system. 



Join UniLab on Facebook! 

The UniLab project has launched its own Facebook page, which you can now visit and follow! The project will announce all its activities and developments both on its website and Facebook page! 



Project partners

UniLab is an Erasmus+ project bringing together project partners from Europe (Belgium, Austria, France and Spain) and outside Europe: Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. Meet the UniLab partners here.

Do you have questions about UniLab? Would you like to know more or becomes and Associate Partner? Please contact us! 



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