XVIth PASCAL Conference, 16-19 October - Call for Papers


The 2019 PASCAL XVIth Conference from 16-19 October 2019, will have a focus on adult/lifelong learning place-making and cohesion. This three-day international conference will bring together scholars and practitioners who develop learning opportunities in community settings.

The communities that epitomise the contemporary world are diverse, ranging spatially from inner cities to remote rural areas and encapsulating the complex web of identities that are part of life today. And learning by people at all ages is at the core of problem- solving in the face of 21st century problems.

The themes of resilience and lifelong learning will cover some of the key challenges to be explored among experts and with stakeholders and community people in Cork UNESCO Learning City and at the Skellig Centre for Research and Innovation in Skellig Coast area of the Iveragh peninsula in county Kerry.

To help us focus on some key challenges we offer the following working themes for the conference

  • Learning Cities
  • Learning Rural Communities

The deadline for submission of Proposals is June 30th 2019. Early submissions are encouraged as the committee will adjudicate on proposals on an ongoing basis and will issue advance acceptances prior to the closing date.

Please express your interest at the following link. https://www.ucc.ie/en/ace/pascal2019/

More details are featured below and attached.