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CR&DALL visits Ethiopia

In early September Rod Purcell and Dave Beck from CR&DALL visited the University of Jimma in Ethiopia.

The University of Jimma is rated as the No 1 public university in Ethiopia and 39th in Africa. It has 42,000 students and offers a full spectrum of course provision including Medical and Agricultural Schools. The city of Jimma has a population of around 120,000 and is a major regional centre in the south west of of Ethiopia.

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Community Development Society Conference - Call for Abstracts

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Community Development Society will focus on effective community development strategies, programs, and policies - fostered by CD practitioners, academics, elected officials, development organizations, organized citizens and motivated individuals - meant to inspire a Renaissance in communities around the world.

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Exploring Community and the State

In the UK the agency Locality is hosting a debate on exploring a possible new deal between community and the state. Locality describe this event as:

How should we respond to austerity policies? Shout from the sidelines, stand by as services are dismantled or look for more positive and more fundamental alternatives?

At this event, we will discuss how we can ‘build possibility’ by changing the relationship between the state, community and individual citizens - by shifting power and mobilizing the many.

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International Association for Community Development

The International Association for Community Development (IACD) is a global network of community activists, professional development workers and academics.

IACD and CRADALL have functional links through the work of Rod Purcell and Dave Beck. Both Rod and Dave are CRADALL Affiliates and staff members of the University of Glasgow as well as being board members of IACD. In June 2014 the IACD international conference will be in Glasgow and hosted by the University. More details will be given in a future post.

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