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Scotland and Malawi: an old partnership, a new approach?

Scotland and Malawi have a shared history dating back more than 155 years to the travels of Dr Livingstone. Today, it is estimated more than 94,000 Scots are involved in a people-to-people link with Malawi, and 46% personally know someone working with Malawi. This is a unique national effort defined and underpinned by a spirit of dignified two-way partnership, in which the government is working in synergy with civic society, mobilising support and engagement from communities across Scotland.

CR&DALL visits Ethiopia

In early September Rod Purcell and Dave Beck from CR&DALL visited the University of Jimma in Ethiopia.

The University of Jimma is rated as the No 1 public university in Ethiopia and 39th in Africa. It has 42,000 students and offers a full spectrum of course provision including Medical and Agricultural Schools. The city of Jimma has a population of around 120,000 and is a major regional centre in the south west of of Ethiopia.

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International Winter School 2015

The international Winter School ‘Comparative Studies on Adult and Lifelong Learning’ is dedicated to
analysing and comparing international and European strategies in Lifelong Learning. Based on social policy models, Lifelong Learning strategies in Europe, including selected European countries, will be subjected to a critical analysis.

Cities, Universities and Science

In a government reshuffle in Britain in July 2014, newly appointed universities Minister and Cabinet Member Greg Clark assumed a role expanded from that of his predecessor David Willetts. Cities were added to his portfolio. The Times Higher Education leader for 24 July, Closing the “town-gown” gap, mentions a concern that this further signals ‘the reduction of universities into economic tools or “engines of growth”’.

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