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Muir Houston helps Romania celebrate Lifelong Learning Day

I was recently invited to attend Lifelong Learning Day (26th April 2014), part of the University of Bucharest’s 150th anniversary celebrations in Bucharest, Romania. This was then followed by the 4th International Conference on Adult Education: "Adult Education in Universities. Local and Regional Perspectives" (27th – 30th April 2014) held at Iasi, Romania.

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Self-motivated participation in learning activities increases the well-being of adults

Non-vocational adult education drawing on a person’s own motivation comes with a variety of benefits that are also reflected on the person’s close friends, family and work. Studying boosts self-confidence and well-being, and expands social networks. Furthermore, motivation to pursue other studies also increases. Thanks to participation in adult education, tolerance towards and confidence in other people grows, and adult learners pay increasing attention to their health. Parents are better able to support the studying of their school-aged children.

Be(coming) European - Newsletter and Workshop in Malta - 8-10 October 2014

In the aftermath of the European election issues regarding solidarity between EU-members, the meaningfulness of European integration, as well as the rise or Euro-sceptical attitudes and parties are discussed intensely. The project BeE-Be(com)ing European is dealing with these questions. However, it also exceeds these issues and asks what competences European citizens need nowadays to fully participate in a European society.

Revision of the UNESCO Recommendation on the 1976 Development of Adult Education will revise the 1976 Recommendation on the Development of Adult Education, as recommended by the Belém Framework for Action. UNESCO’s General Conference agreed in 2013 to prepare this revision “in consultation with the Member States and other stakeholders through various cost-effective measures”.

Second ESREA Newsletter of 2014

Please find attached the second ESREA newsletter for 2014. The end of the semester is coming but it is a hectic time in ESREA since three out of eleven networks have their research conferences this month. I have seen the programmes and it seems like there will be a lot of interesting discussions concerning policy, global and local issues in adult learning and development as well as transformative learning.

Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition Launch - 21 May 2014

After a 14 month cross-sectoral consultation process, Scottish Cabinet Secretary Mike Russell officially launched a Statement of Ambition for Adult Learning in Scotland. Ambitious in scope and vision, it proposes that 'adult learning in Scotland will be recognised by all as a central element of personal and community empowerment' (p.6). Adult learning is framed as lifelong, lifewide and learner-centred, and the three stated ambitions are:

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A new published book from the network Life History and biographical research

I just wanted to inform you about a new book Embodied Narratives. Connecting stories, bodies and ecologies. This book is based on a number of conferences held by tESREA research network Life History and Biographical Research. The first chapter in fact chronicles the development of the Network's thinking about narrative, narrative research, its potential and problematics.

Further  information about the book may be found below and you can also find more information on the the attached flyer. 

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UK launch of the 2013/4 Education for All Global Monitoring Report "Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all"

The 2013/4 Education for All Global Monitoring Report "Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all" shows that a lack of attention to education quality and a failure to reach the marginalized have contributed to a learning crisis that needs urgent attention.


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