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Libraries adopting innovative model for community learning

Libraries are making online education more accessible and interactive by adopting "learning circles", librarian-facilitated study groups for people who want to take online courses together and in person. This November, 15 public library systems in the US and Canada will run free learning circles for hundreds of library members who will learn together for 6 to 8 weeks. Topics reflect a broad range of interests, including refugee rights, healthy eating, public speaking, and computer science.

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Mobile learning in Taiwan - Dr. Tzu-hua Huang, University of Taipei - Glasgow, October 31, 2017

Using mobile devices in learning activities has become popular since it provides diverse channels in which students can learn, communicate and collaborate: creating an M-learning environment has become an important trend. The value of mobile devices as a teaching tool has been shown in many research studies, and creating a large-scale M-learning environment has been found not only to be feasible and usable, but it also satisfies society’s needs and challenges.

The orthodox and the critical approaches to TVET in international development - Thursday 26th October, 2017

Drawing on development theories and critical policy studies, the paper aims to understand the competing orientations and objectives of TVET policy agendas in Chile from 2009 to 2016 with a specific focus on the changing educational, economic and social goals and functions attributed to VET, the social expectations generated over secondary VET graduates, and their potential implications and effects on post-school trajectories.

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Call for Papers : PASCAL TRENDS2017 Conference, South Africa

The PASCAL Centre for Africa, in partnership with CENLED (under the Auspices of The University of Johannesburg) and the BELGIUM CAMPUS iTversity, presents its showcase prestigious flagship conference in Africa that will provide a platform for all our public and private sector participants to rethink and reinvent the way that the international community shapes and forms the field of education, government, job creation, products and services that use new “trends” in the global and local economy, social environment, demographics spheres and the never ending field of new technology.

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A European lens upon adult and lifelong learning in Asia

Congratulations to Professor Michael Osborne and Dr Katarzyna Borkowska of the School of Education, University of Glasgow, on having "A European lens upon adult and lifelong learning in Asia" published in Asia Pacific Education Review. As part of the Springer Nature SharedIt initiative, a full-text version of this paper is now publicly shareable through the link below.


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