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A new Urban Big Data Research Centre (UBDRC) at the University of Glasgow

The UK Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts MP, announced the release of £14 million to fund the second phase of the ESRC's investment in Big Data. At a speech at the High Performance Computing and Big Data Conference, Mr Willetts outlined what steps are being taken to strengthen the UK’s competitive advantage in Big Data.

9th International Conference on Work and Learning - Singapore 2015

Having been to three of these conferences (Denmark, China, Scotland), I can highly recommend it. The atmosphere is very welcoming for postgraduate students! Here are the official details:

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Call for papers - Innovation in development: Challenging convention to advance human welfare in low- and middle-income countries

In low- and middle-income countries billions of people continue to be deprived of the opportunity to fulfil their potential and struggle to build a better future for their families and communities. The magnitude of the challenges they face calls for more than conventional responses: It requires seizing the technological opportunities of our time, the combined knowledge of our disciplines and all of our creative potential.

Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education Contributing to Social Change

It is our wish to make you aware of the publication of World Report on Higher Education 5, Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education Contributing to Social Change: Higher Education in the World 5 published by Palgrave MacMillan.

A Groundbreaking Publication

What kinds of knowledge, knowledge epistemologies and knowledge ecologies are required to transform the world into a place of peace, happiness, justice and equity for citizens of the world?

Rajesh Tandon, Guest Editor

UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education – “Preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st Century”, 2-4 December 2013

The UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education – “Preparing learners for the challenges of the 21st Century”,  was held form 2-4 December 2013 in Bangkok. As announced during the concluding session, most of the presentations (including both the plenary and the concurrent sessions) and a list of participants have been just uploaded to Dropbox.  

So for those of you who were not there Click here to view UNESCO Forum on GCE 2013 at Dropbox

Bonnie Slade at ASEM Research Hub for Lifelong Learning meeting in Bangkok

On December 2-3 I attended the Annual Meeting of the National Strategies for Lifelong Learning Hub of ASEM in Bangkok, Thailand at the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.  This international network included researchers, practitioners and policy makers from 11 Asian and European countries.  Delegates from all countries made presentations on issues such as employability and skills development, community learning, learning cities, and the impact and outcome of lifelong learning.

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