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Australian Launch of GUNi's Higher Education in the World 5

GUNi - Higher Education in the World 5Professor Mike Osborne, Director of CR&DALL and Co-Director of PASCAL, visited the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in Toowoomba, Australia on 13 May. During his visit he spoke to university staff and community representatives about the GUNi Report Higher Education in the World Report 5: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change and took the opportunity to launch this report in Australia.

Education Systems in ASEAN+6 Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Educational Issues

The Asia-Pacific region is well known for its diversity in cultures, languages, historical backgrounds, political systems, and development stages. Despite this great diversity, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations plus its 6 major country partners -- Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea -- (ASEAN+6) share similar visions of educational development.

Investigating Links in Achievement and Deprivation in Northern Ireland: Is there a similar pattern in Scotland?

You are invited to attend a seminar on ‘Investigating Links in Achievement and Deprivation- the ILiAD project in Northern Ireland: is there a similar pattern in Scotland?’ from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm on Thursday 8 May 2014, room to be confirmed in the St Andrew’s Building at the University of Glasgow.


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