Economic Development

The International Council for Adult Education - 2013 Academy, Jordan September 1st, 2013

The ICAE Academy of Lifelong Learning Advocacy (IALLA) is an international training course on advocacy that intends to give emerging leaders in the field of adult education and social movements, the opportunity to acquire the skills to advocate for the right to adult learning and education and to consolidate ICAE as a global network committed to that end. This international course was held for the first time in 2004, in Norway, and since then, a total of six editions have taken place in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Higher Education in Scotland, the Devolution Settlement and the Referendum on Independence

Please find attached event materials from the first think tank of the ESRC Fellowship project "Higher Education in Scotland, the Devolution Settlement and the Referendum on Independence." at the University of Edinburgh held on 23 May 2013.  You may also download the PDF versions from this link:

22nd EAN annual conference - The Evolution of Access: Adapt to Survive? New Challenges and Opportunities in Widening Participation in Higher Education

Globally, participation in higher education has risen substantially. According to the OECD ( Education at a Glance 2012) entry rates to university level programmes in OECD countries grew on average by nearly 25 percentage points between 1995 and 2010. Consequently, more than a third of today’s young people have higher level qualifications than their parents and around 62% of young adults are expected to enter university - level programmes over their lifetimes.

Generating an Economic Legacy from Glasgow 2014 - Commonwealth Games: Learning Points and Future Actions

Achieving a lasting economic legacy from hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games is important to the city of Glasgow and its citizens: in training and employment, attracting tourism, generating future sporting events, assisting to regenerate communities, and developing new collaboration and partnerships. The city has also set out ambitious plans for economic development through the Economic Leadership, with key sectors being identified as priorities.

Building Lifelong Learning in conditions of closure and siege

Professor Elaydi will outline the specific conditions of Gaza, which are unique. Gaza is already a learning society with a range of formal provision in family and kindergarten projects, NGOs, schools and universities. Informal provision includes unions, religious institutions and local government learning centers. Yet the learning resources are grossly over stretched. Gaza has a dense population and few natural resources, outside of the people of Gaza who attend 27 institutions of Higher Education.


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