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Scotland and Malawi: an old partnership, a new approach?

Scotland and Malawi have a shared history dating back more than 155 years to the travels of Dr Livingstone. Today, it is estimated more than 94,000 Scots are involved in a people-to-people link with Malawi, and 46% personally know someone working with Malawi. This is a unique national effort defined and underpinned by a spirit of dignified two-way partnership, in which the government is working in synergy with civic society, mobilising support and engagement from communities across Scotland.

GCID lecture, 21 October: How Can Research Impact on International Development

The talk will be followed by a wine reception and everyone is welcome.  If you would like to attend, please register on the GCID Eventbrite site.  You can also register to attend the remaining GCID Autumn events which are listed below.

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Research Strategy and Innovation Office

Supporting University-Work Transitions? Exploring the Impact of Work Placements and Internships

The transitions between university and the world of work remain a key concern for policy makers and practitioners across the UK nations and beyond.  Work placements and internships have become an increasingly significant focus of activity, aiming to ‘bridge’ the gap between study and work.

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