Learning Cities and Regions

Urban Big Data PhD Scholarship - School choice and housing markets in urban Scotland

Applications are invited for one of three PhD studentships to commence in October 2015. The studentship is funded by the University of Glasgow and will be based within the Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC). It offers an excellent opportunity for outstanding candidates to join a world-leading interdisciplinary research group.

Connecting Cities and Universities at Strategic Frontiers - PASCAL 2015 Conference in Catania 7-9 October

PASCAL is very pleased to announce that the next PASCAL International Conference will be hosted from 7-9 October 2015 by the University of Catania in Italy with the title, Connecting Cities and Universities at Strategic Frontiers, and under the co-ordination of PASCAL Associate Director in Europe, Professor Roberta Piazza.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Activate programme from University of Glasgow presented in Cape Town

As part of my involvement in the Kettering Foundation and Talloires Networks international collaborative research partnership into studying Regional Perspectives on University Civic Engagement, I along with my community partner Nghomes (Margaret Layden) was invited to participate in the Network's International Leaders conference “Live Engagement, Transform Lives” held in South Africa in December 2014.

CR&DALL Themes: 

Communicating in plain language, avoiding academic “silos”, developing “narratives” -- keys to City and Region Learning

The ways that cities and regions can truly advance themselves in meaningful ways hinges upon their ability to think and act as cities and regions.  Getting to the point where this may be accomplished is a long and difficult road, to say the least; learning is at the center of this.


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