Learning Cities and Regions

Call for papers: Learning Cities 2020 Workshop Series - Cities learning together

University of Tampere, School of Management, Finland, 12-13 June 2014

The objective of the conference is to bring about awareness of the role and needs of local communities in relation to learning, and to seek smart solutions in which cities and other public organizations can play a greater role in response to those needs.

Finnish Results in PIAAC

Staff from the Institute for Educational Research at University of Jyväskylä, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Board of Education have summarised Finland's acheivements in PIAAC. Here are the highlights:

Bonnie Slade at ASEM Research Hub for Lifelong Learning meeting in Bangkok

On December 2-3 I attended the Annual Meeting of the National Strategies for Lifelong Learning Hub of ASEM in Bangkok, Thailand at the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.  This international network included researchers, practitioners and policy makers from 11 Asian and European countries.  Delegates from all countries made presentations on issues such as employability and skills development, community learning, learning cities, and the impact and outcome of lifelong learning.

Discussion topics: 

CR&DALL Themes: 

Intercultural Cities Programme - Patras

Cities participating in the Intercultural cities programme of the Council of Europe undergo expert and peer reviews of their policies, governance and practice. This review takes the form of narrative reports and city profiles – a form which is very rich in content and detail but is relatively heavy as a tool to monitor progress and communicate results.

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