The Centre for Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning (CR&DALL) was established in 2004 under the auspices of the former Department of Adult Education at the University of Glasgow, and is  located now within the School of Education in the College of Social Sciences. Throughout its existence, CRADALL has provided an important focus for research and development in adult and continuing education globally.

The Centre aims to make a real difference through the contribution that adult education and lifelong learning research can make to the challenges of socio-economic justice, social inclusion, social cohesion, sustainable development and poverty reduction. It ultimately seeks through its work to enable capabilities, improve the life chances of all individuals and to create better places for them to live. In particular CR&DALL targets  people and places most at risk in the world, both in the global south and north.

The principal objectives of CR&DALL are to:

  • Conduct high quality, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research in adult, vocational, higher and lifelong learning with demonstrable impact on policy and practice.
  • Advance the field of adult education though undertaking research in  fields that include: inequality and exclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, sustainable development, the digital society and urban development
  • Disseminate its work, and facilitate informed dialogue amongst researchers, senior policy makers and practitioners during all stages of the research process from planning through to outcomes
  • Provide an international platform for research that informs strategic development of adult and lifelong learning internationally

Achieving our Objectives

We use a range of vehicles to achieve our objectives, and principally do so through:

  • Research projects Dissemination in the written word - including books, academic journal articles, research reports,  working papers, blogs and social media
  • Organisation of and presentation at conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops
  • Contributions to policy agendas of national and international bodies
  • Providing an observatory function through a website and newsletter to subscribers
  • Research-led teaching and pedagogy

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