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Apr 30, 2009

CR&DALL Seminar 2009 Series: "Further Education, Higher Education and the English Experiment"


Summary: Drawing on the findings of a two year ESRC-funded study of Universal Access and Dual Regimes of Further and Higher Education, the paper will examine the impact of a two-sector system of further and higher education on strategies to widen participation in English undergraduate education.  Why have efforts to expand higher education in further education settings stalled?  What are the implications for democratisation of access and diversion of demand?

Jun 5, 2009

CR&DALL Seminar 2009 Series: "Discovering Community Power Through Asset Based Neighbourhood Development Strategies"


Summary: Most development and planning strategies begin with doing 'needs surveys' or other methods of creating inventories of deficits and problems in a local community. The result of this approach is to focus on outside resources to 'fix' the locality or its' people. An 'asset based' approach is an alternative strategy that recognizes the you do not know what you need until you know what you have. This presentation will describe community approaches to doing 'capacity and asset inventories' as the initial and necessary step to achieve successful development initiatives.

Oct 9, 2009

CR&DALL Seminar 2009 Series: "Regulatory Quality and Higher Education:


Summary: Regulation is in the headlines of the papers every day.  The global financial crisis is likely to raise questions about the future architecture of regulatory institutions.  Doing regulation well is in fact a day-in, day-out task of governments.  But citizens and business know that poor regulation affects the cost of business, the quality of public services and of the environment, and contributes to cynicism about politics, and corruption.  The OECD has been helping countries to improve their regulatory management systems since the mid-1990s, and increasingly this body of evidence a

Dec 1, 2009

CR&DALL Seminar 2009 Series: "Competitiveness, Diversification and the HE International Cash Flow"


Summary: This presentation provides a critical overview of the discourse concerning Higher Education as promoted by the EU with respect to the idea of rendering Europe the ‘most competitive knowledge economy’. This has implications for a variety of fields notably university continuing education and lifelong learning in general. A critical analysis of this EU discourse in light of recent trends in HE in various places in Europe will be provided.

Feb 1, 2010

CR&DALL Seminar 2010 Series: "The Bridge Between Europe and Asia: The challenges of adult education in Turkey"


Summary: The presentation will include a short historical overview of adult education in Turkey and a broad description of the institutionalisation process, the legal setup, and the main providers of adult education both in the public and private sector. The focus will be on the recent changes in adult education, some of which are in line with the European Union practices.

Mar 10, 2010

CR&DALL Seminar 2010 Series: "On Embeddedness and Engagement: Universities in their local environment."


Summary: Pressures associated with the rise of the so-called knowledge economy, increased participation in higher education and its consequences in terms of institutional differentiation, processes of political and administrative devolution and the desire for increased accountability of public funded institutions have all lead to a rediscovery in recent decades of the relevance and responsibility of higher education to local and regional communities.  Under such pressures universities have been keen to publicise their 'third mission' and show in particular that through the generation of a local pool of conceptual and managerial skills, the provision of applied research and other transfer activities, they have, more or less successfully , been able to define themselves the terms of their own engagement with their immediate locality.

Jun 2, 2010

CR&DALL Seminar 2010 Series: Symposium - "The Future of Adult Education in the 21st Century"


To mark the end  of the 2009-10 Series of CR&DALL Seminars and, in particular, to mark the reorganisation and absorption (within the new 'School of Education' in the University of Glasgow) of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) 1951-2010, a special symposium was presented by Professor Lalage Bown - University of Glasgow; Professor Alan Rogers - University of East Anglia and Professor Maria Slowey - Dublin City University: "The Future of Adult Education in the 21st Century".

Sep 10, 2010

CR&DALL Seminar 2010 Series: Symposium - "Literacies matter! Scottish and Global Perspectives"


In collaboration with the UK National Commission for UNESCO, UNESCO Scotland and with Learning and Teaching Scotland, CR&DALL mounted a major international symposium on the significance of literacies – at the University of Glasgow on the 10th of September 2010.


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