CR&DALL Seminar Series 2018-2019

CSEs: Are they the future for Rural Communities? A seminar with Norman Walzer

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Many small rural communities in the U.S. and around the world are losing populations due to mechanization of agriculture, outmigration of young adults pursuing higher education, and an aging of the resident population. These trends led to shrinking markets for essential businesses which, combined with pending retirements of business operators, left these communities with fewer basic services needed to attract and retain populations. Further aggravating the situation is that the small businesses do not receive financial incentives or other support for their operations.

Making higher education markets: trust-building strategies of private companies to enter the public sector

This talk focuses on the growth of the higher education industry and specifically the expansion of private companies in the higher education sector. The higher education industry consists of diverse, multiple and variegated markets. Much of the literature concentrates on markets in which universities are increasingly sellers of products and services. This research contributes new knowledge to the field by focusing on the other side of the industry, namely on how universities are increasingly buyers. It specifically focuses on the market-making processes in the time of market emergence or initial market construction and argues that trust is a key constitutive element of market relations.

The Academy / Technology, Indigenous Worldviews and Globalisation: Participatory Research as knowledge Integration for Sustainable Development - Professor Seth Agbo

Contemporary characterization of global sustainability has demonstrated that Indigenous worldviews approximate important attributes of sustainable development. In this context, Indigenous epistemology is a crucial component in the selection of the criteria for sustainable development and the formulation of corresponding goals for sustainability in a global economy.

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Legal Issues in Education - Comparative approaches in education and law: Professor Hans G. Schuetze

Increasingly over the last 30 years or so, legal issues in education have come to the fore in many countries. Examples abound: teachers and administrators of schools, post-secondary educations and other places of formal instruction and learning have to deal with disorderly student conduct that was formerly dealt with pedagogical means and sanctioned, in severe or repeat cases, by disciplinary action, but now fall into the responsibility of the police, various authorities dealing with youth, or the courts.

Learning in later life: characteristics, issues, exemplars and benefits - Glasgow, October 16th, 2018

This seminar explores the character of learning in later life from varied perspectives. What are defining features of learning in later life? What issues for stakeholders loom beneath the surface? What might constitute exemplars of practice in this field in an international context? What benefits is it possible to strongly link to learning in later life? These and related questions form the basis of this seminar which will combine presentation of ideas from the seminar leader and views from participants through constructive dialogue.

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