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The School of Education at the University of Glasgow, in conjunction with the Centre for Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning (CR&DALL), the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change, and the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Education through Languages and the Arts invites you to our Webinar Series 2021.

I had hoped that we would all be starting 2021 a little easier - particularly with the announcements of vaccinations and lateral flow testing across the world - unfortunately for a lot of colleagues, we have once again been thrown into turmoil - closing buildings, changing learning patterns and increasing our constant support for students.

Dear colleagues and friends, today the special issue of RED "Transition from conventional education to education and online learning, as a consequence of COVID19" is published. We share the presentation and the summary:

Call for Papers, 12th Conference of the ESREA Network ‘Between Global and Local – Adult Learning and Communities’, ‘Looking back for the future. Reconsidering adult learning and communities’ Seville, September 16-18, 2021.

This report was released on 20th December with hardly any publicity but I think it’s very important.  A copy is featured below and the link is at the House of Commons website.

Although it only applies to England I think its findings and recommendations will be of interest to the whole adult learning community.