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Welcome to the June MOJA Newsletter. Depending on where you are on the continent, it’s either starting to get hot or cold. Partners continued to surprise us in June, sharing amazing examples of ongoing adult education efforts.

Germany's tenth National Education Report was published on 17 June. The report is jointly compiled every two years by a group of authors from six research institutes and statistical offices, including Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader and Jonathan Kohl from the German Institute for Adult Education.

We've receieved some early photos from the 17th PASCAL Conference taking place in Taipei. Looking great, the stage featured in the photos includes the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Taipei, current/former ministers of Education, as well as Josef Konvitz, Honorary Professor of Education at the University of Glasgow with them.

The World Conferences on Adult Education are convened by UNESCO every 12 years ever since 1949. The most recent was in 2022 in Morocco and concluded with the Marrakech Framework for Action (MFA).

This is a newsletter on adult learning and education in the context of development cooperation - by practitioners and for practitioners especially. It is coming once in a quarter and informs on activities around the globe, and reports on relevant examples and experiences.