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We are pleased to share a report published today, called Data Poverty in Scotland and Wales . The research is the first we are aware of that tries to understand the scale and depth of data poverty in Wales and Scotland.

We are pleased to announce that the project, Local, place-based, and community-driven approaches to peacebuilding, has been funded under the British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant programme with a grant of £9,803. The project is led by CR&DALL core member, Yulia Nesterova, and seeks to draw on diverse conflict and post-conflict contexts to develop a local, place-based, community-driven model of peacebuilding through education and learning that can be adaptive to different contexts.

We are pleased to announce a new project 'Employability in programme development (EPD): Establishing a labour market to higher education feedback loop drawing on local labour market intelligence', which seeks to establish a feedback loop from the labour market to HEIs in order inform programme and course design to best support the employability of future graduates.

We are very pleased to further feature the entry of Nic Dickson amongst Universitas 21’s RISE 2020/21 Showcase and awards, and we invite CR&DALL subscribers to pledge their support for her excellent work by following this link<--break->

Dr Muir Houston, Deputy Director of CR&DALL opened the webinar and provided an overview of logistics for the 80+ delegates and panellists. Professor Ellen Boeren, Director of Research in the School of Education introduced the webinar. She explained that in this event that some of the key work with the school that links to its longstanding commitment to Ethics, Religion, and Values in Education would be presented.