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Electricity prices can have a momentous effect on people throughout all walks of urban life.  The price of electricity impacts the affordability of homes and modes of transportation, levels of energy consumption, economic activity, quality of life, and eco-systemic health.

Urban America would be a different – and lesser – place without universities.  They provide vocational instruction and prepare young people for the workforce.  But more importantly, the liberal tradition in higher education increases our capacity to understand and reshape the world far beyond the university.  Yet liberal education is under siege throughout a range of states in the United States.

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) was established 20 years ago and is supported by three UK partners, the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Manchester. It is the work of the Faculty of Education that is the focus of collaboration with the University of Glasgow, and includes both research collaborations and external quality assurance reviews of Masters and Doctoral programmes.

We are very pleased to report that CR&DALL core member Barbara Read is assuming the joint editorship of the British Educational Research Journal (BERJ), generally regarded as on the most prestigious journals in the field of Education in the UK.

Lifelong learning has for decades been considered a ‘holy grail’ that can help resolve societal problems and boost the economy. The current hegemonic discourse surrounding lifelong learning has included economic objectives since at least the 1980s; however, this has not always been the case.