Upcoming Events

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Monday, 31 August, 2020 to Wednesday, 2 September, 2020
University of Glasgow School of Education
Glasgow G3 6NH
United Kingdom


Higher education confronts a curious paradox. One of its traditional core missions is innately conservative: to conserve and transmit knowledge and culture for and to future generations. This tends also to be conservative in the related sense of reproducing the cultures – the modes, values and mores – of the different societies which it inhabits and which sustain it.

Tuesday, 1 September, 2020 to Friday, 4 September, 2020

Wyndham & Melton City Councils (Melbourne, Australia) are hosting a Global Virtual Learning Festival in September 2020 and invite you to be a part of this exciting initiative! A global learning festival will unite learning communities across the world as we all face the challenges of COVID-19.

Wednesday, 16 September, 2020 - 08:30 to 13:30

We are very happy to invite you to participate in the online seminar "INTALL @ Home" on 16th September 2020, organized by Helmut Schmidt-University Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Sabine Schmidt-Lauff).

The online-seminar will guide you in using "INTALL @ Home" in teaching international comparative adult education.

Friday, 2 October, 2020 to Sunday, 4 October, 2020
Bishop Woodford House Retreat & Conference Centre
United Kingdom

Uppingham Seminars have held three-day international residential seminars from time to time in some central location in the UK since 1999, on a theme relating to education in the context of international development. The aim is to bring together 25-30 persons who have international experience of working in the area of discussion, in an informal context to engage in dialogue and sharing of experiences and insights, but without necessarily coming to a common mind. It is designed to be a period of shared critical reflection based on research experience. The theme for the 2020 Seminar will be Indigenous Peoples and Education.

For details of the Uppingham Seminars’ traditional pattern of seminar and other background information, please see our website.

Tuesday, 27 October, 2020 to Friday, 30 October, 2020
Peppermill Resort, Spa and Casino
United States

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) is dedicated to the belief that lifelong learning contributes to human fulfillment and positive social change. To that end, we provide leadership for the field of adult and continuing education by expanding opportunities for adult growth and development; unifying adult educators; fostering the development and dissemination of theory, research, information, and best practices; promoting identity and standards for the profession; and advocating relevant public policy and social change initiatives.