The following individuals are CR&DALL Associates:


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Professor Bruce Wilson
European Union Centre

Professor Bruce Wilson is Visiting Professor in Education at the University of Glasgow, Director of the European Union Centre at RMIT University, and RMIT's Director of Research for Regional Development at its Hamilton site in western Victoria....

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Professor Chris Duke
Visiting Professor
School of Education

Chris Duke is Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow and he is active in a number of civil society organisations with connections to the university as well as periodic consultancy. Through his role within the...

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Lecturer in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
School of Education

Daniel Lam joined the University of Glasgow in August 2021. He has a PhD in Linguistics and English Language from University of Edinburgh, with expertise on conversation analysis and spoken discourse in general. In recent years, he has also...

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Lecturer in Science Education (Biology)
School of Education.

Gabriella  is a lecturer in science education (Biology) at the School of Education, University of Glasgow. She is a PhD level biotechnologist and qualified as Biology with Science teacher at the University of Strathclyde. She taught in secondary...

Honorary Research Fellow

Gil is Director of the Active Learning Centre and is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Education, University of Glasgow.

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Professor Hans Schuetze
Honorary Professor of Education
School of Education.

Hans Schuetze is a Fellow and former Director, Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada where he a Emertitus Professor. He is also Honorary Professor of Education, University of...

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Professor James Powell
Honorary Professor
School of Education

James Powell is an Honorary Professor in the School of Education at Glasgow University and Professor Emeritus of Academic Enterprise at Salford University. He is also UK Ambassador for Social Entrepreneurship for Higher Education (HEFCE/UNLtd)...

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Professor in Urban Analytics
School of Social and Political Sciences

João Porto de Albuquerque is Professor in Urban Analytics at Urban Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow, and he is a Deputy Director of the Urban...

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Honorary Senior Research Fellow
School of Education

John Tibbitt is Honorary Senior Research Fellow with the School of Education. He is experienced social researcher who has undertaken and managed programmes of research for policy in University, local government and central government settings. He...

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Professor Josef Konvitz
Honorary Professor of Education
School of Education

Josef Konvitz has been Honorary Professor with the School of Education at University of Glasgow since 2011. He is a regular contributor to expert seminars delivered to both doctoral students and staff on how to improve the policy impact of...

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Honorary Senior Research Fellow
School of Education

Judith James is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, where she leads the working of the '...

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Professor Penny Enslin
Professor of Education
School of Education

Penny Enslin is Professor of Education. Her main areas of research interest are: education for democratic citizenship; gender and education; liberalism; higher education; deliberative democracy; cosmopolitanism; peace education; social justice....

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Honorary Research Fellow
School of Education

Dr Peter Welsh is Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Education. Head of Evaluation at Traverse Ltd and is Vice-President of the UK...

Qammer H. Abbasi's picture
School of Engineering

Qammer is a Reader with the James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, U.K., deputy head for Communication Sensing and Imaging group, Program Director for Dual PhD Degree, deputy theme lead for Quantum & Nanotechnology in the...

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Professor Roberta Piazza
Professor of General and Social Pedagogy and Vice-Rector for Continuing Education
Department of Science of Education

Roberta Piazza is Full Professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Catania, Department of Science of Education and Vice-Rector for Continuing Education. She is also Visiting Professor in the School of Education at the University...

Professor Russell Rimmer

Stephanie Young's picture

Stephanie Young contributes to International Issues in Adult and Continuing Education. She is a Honorary Professor within the School of Education.


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Senior Lecturer in Psychology
School of Education.

Yvonne Skipper is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Education.  Her research primarily focusses on social influences on learning.  For example, she is interested in exploring views of intelligence, the impact of feedback on...