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Director: Professor Michael Osborne

Depute Director: Dr Muir Houston

CR&DALL Core Members, Affiliates and Associates

CR&DALL is fortunate to have the advice and participation to hand of a number of eminent individuals in the field.

Those academics who are based within the University of Glasgow are either Core Members or termed 'Associates'. Core members are employed members of University of Glasgow aademic staff whose research interests fully align with the Centre’s research aims and objectives. Academic staff who have been identified as Associates eitherhave honorary or visiting positions, or are University of Glasgow staff who have interests that are spread more widely across research entities.

The particular interests and designations of Core Staff and Associates can be found in their listing details. Those wishing to contact a particular CR&DALL member may send a message via the 'Contact CR&DALL' link on the left and this message will be passed on to the individual in question.

CR&DALL mailings and notifications go out to a far wider circle of academics, practitioners and policy makers via CR&DALL 'membership'. To become a CR&DALL 'Member' all that is required is that interested parties should register as subscribers on the CR&DALL website. Once this is confirmed a new Member will be able to post and respond to blogs and will receive CR&DALL notifications and priority status for booking at CR&DALL events.

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