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The International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2022 takes place at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland on 28 September.

This report presents research that provides an understanding of the current impact of the low levels of investment in training in the UK and, in addition, tries to quantify how many people’s potential contribution to society is being squandered as a result of not having access to regular skills development. And the inevitable impact of that on social mobility.

This report by Christine Farquharson, Sandra McNally & Imran Tahir draws on extensive evidence to further our understanding of education inequalities in today’s world. The focus is education inequalities in the United Kingdom (UK), and predominantly in England.

The report by Yasmin White, Tom Bradley, Beccy Packer & Emily Jones demonstrates a stark disconnect between increasing employer demand for green skills and young people’s lack of knowledge. A lack of awareness of green jobs and what qualifications support progression to these roles is thwarting young people’s aspirations for careers that can combat climate change and drive clean growth.

The 16th PASCAL Conference in Tampere, Finland is scheduled for 24-26 October 2022 in hybrid mode. The main theme of the conference is the responses made by cities and regions, and their citizens, in their path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Full details are attached, with a key deadline for paper proposals of 6 September 2022