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In this edition of the L&W Newsletter, you should note in particular the call for contributions to the TAKE 2021 conference in Porto (see Conferences), the call for proposals for the 2024 Handbook of HRD (see Publications), the Cedefop call for tenders for a 'Feasibility study in VET' and the ILO call for expression of interest in a 'Toolkit for core skills' (see Programmes and Projects). There are no further announcements of conferences so far - no doubt due to the pandemic. However, you can find lots of stimulating projects and publications. And not to overlook: the discount relating to the award-winning book 'Organizational change and development' (see Publications)!  

For more than two decades, the European qualifications framework (EQF) and national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) across Europe have helped build bridges across different countries and education and training systems. They have strengthened trust in qualifications across borders and systems, advancing their quality, transparency and comparability.

Many NQFs are now fully operational, undergoing updates and supporting synergies between European policies and tools such as guidance, validation and Europass.

Please find attached the 7th Briefing Paper in the EcCoWell 2 series, by Tom Schuller, Idowu Biao, and Mike Osborne, entitled, Rethinking Lifelong Learning within Current Contexts of Time and Space. The objective of this piece is to open up some fresh lines of thinking about lifelong learning by looking in a very broad way at the dimensions of time and place, in a global context.

‘Only connect’. Never was this injunction more fitting than today. I scan the material in this issue and realise how much each is part of an interwoven web. As Chris Brooks observes below, we see ‘how poorly policies are tied up into a coherent strategy: housing, education, skills and infrastructure are all conceived and implemented as separate and non-connected policies. If only one could find a clear beginning and untangle strands into a neat and orderly ball.  But there are too many ends and no free ends at all.

An opportunity that has arisen for an external examiner at the University of Edinburgh. Interested candidates should send a current CV and a brief paragraph highlighting their applicable experience to Jenny Hoy.