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CR&DALL core members, Dr. Kate Reid and Professor Catherine Lido, have just completed a 12-month commissioned research project with social enterprise and charity partner ‘Food Train’, and their impact and evidence arm, ‘Eat Well Age Well’, in February 2020.

Welcome to our third issue of Quest for 2020 which features stories about the impact of adult learning programs from around Australia.

In this issue, you'll find stories about how Shane Fitzsimmons, Head of Resilience NSW overcame a rocky start at school and found career success through adult learning, how a local adult education centre in Guyra NSW produces the town's successful newspaper, why Victoria is leading the way in adult literacy training, why there's no stopping our three amazing Adult Learners Week scholarship winners who have turned their lives around through adult education, and more.

The CMAtlv, NGO official partner of UNESCO and member of the Liaison Committee of UNESCO NGOs, after having analyzed with its partners the effects of the COVID crisis to date, affirms that everyone in the world, regardless of their age, living conditions, gender, where they live, must be able to have access to the learning necessary for their integration into human society, their development, their fulfilment, and therefore that all states and decision-makers must consider this right as a priority, and give all possible means to achieve it.

DVV International is currently supporting a Study on Public Financing of Popular Adult and Lifelong Education (ALE). This is an important aspect of ALE in the context of CONFINTEA VII and the SDG Education 2030 Agenda. Popular ALE includes community, citizenship, liberal, general, environmental activities, and public financing includes local and national funding as well as support for staff and infrastructure.

As a member of the Advisory Group for this work, I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Global Survey on higher education institutions’ contribution to lifelong learning.