CR&DALL Seminar 2009 Series: "Discovering Community Power Through Asset Based Neighbourhood Development Strategies"

Friday, 5 June, 2009 - 14:00 to Saturday, 6 June, 2009 - 13:45
University of Glasgow
St Andrew's Building
11 Eldon Street
United Kingdom

Summary: Most development and planning strategies begin with doing 'needs surveys' or other methods of creating inventories of deficits and problems in a local community. The result of this approach is to focus on outside resources to 'fix' the locality or its' people. An 'asset based' approach is an alternative strategy that recognizes the you do not know what you need until you know what you have. This presentation will describe community approaches to doing 'capacity and asset inventories' as the initial and necessary step to achieve successful development initiatives.

Profile: For nearly three decades, John McKnight has conducted research on social service delivery systems, health policy, community organizations, neighbourhood policy, and institutional racism. He currently directs research projects focused on asset-based neighbourhood development and methods of community building by incorporating marginalized people.

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