LLL Programme - KA4 DISSEMINATION AND EXPLOITATION OF RESULTS (Transversal Programme) - Partners as follows: Universus – CSEI, Bari; Lernende Regionen Deutschland e.V.; University of Pecs 

The EC has supported projects and programmes to create learning regions, notably the R3L programme, TELS, LILLIPUT, INDICATORS, PALLACE, LILARA, PENR3L and others. All this effort has produced data, tools, indicators, reports, videos, projects, recommendations, plans, strategies and learning materials - a wealth of potentially valuable knowledge for EU regions that urgently needs to be brought together in one place and made available to them. In EUROlocal, PENR3L , a network created by an EC project to spread the learning region message, led other networks in gathering together all European knowledge and practice in this area from all sources across all sectors and countries, test the tools, find the best practice, dynamically organise it in an interactive website, produce learning materials,  and actively disseminate and exploit it to effect a transformation of Europe's regions. The impact this would have on regional economies and social well-being is huge. GU staff: Lynnette Jordan, Robert Hamilton and Mike Osborne

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