Exploring the Rehabilitation Methods of the Women Exposed to Domestic Violence at European Level

This is an EC-funded LLP Grundtvig Learning Partnership 

The 'WHO multi-country study' found that between 15–71% of women reported experiencing domestic violence. As a result, they may suffer isolation, inability to work, lack of participation in regular activities and limited ability to care for themselves and their children. From this point of view, rehabilitation of these women is crucially important.  With the help of this project 'Explore-Rehabilitate' designed by the partner institutions from 10 European countries, it is intended to examine the different methods of rehabilitation of these women at European level in order to see how the European countries could deal with the same problem and what the benefits of rehabilitation on women are.

In the first year of the project, all partners will examine the good examples about the rehabilitation of the women exposed to domestic violence in their own country. Then all partners will prepare reports and make a case study that describes the methods applied and how women are reintegrated into social life. These reports will be shared in the second transnational meeting. Meanwhile the project logo, poster, project web-site will be prepared and four project newsletters will be prepared and published. 

In the second year of the project, every partner will choose and apply one of these good examples in their own context.  The team will carry out peer meetings that will be an opportunity for each partner as they will visit the peer partner to see the good example they choose to apply. Finally, a project booklet will be prepared including the collection of the good practices. This booklet will constitute the final product of the project.


PI: Lynette Jordan

Collaborator: Ayşegül SARIOĞLU, Project Expert Izmir Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects (Connected to the Izmir Governorship working in areas related to Social Inclusion Projects and Integration of Disadvantaged people into Society) 

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