The impact of the Curriculum for Excellence on the First Year Student Experience at Scottish Universities

This was an exploratory study led Lesley Doyle with Vivienne Brown (Vivienne Brown Associates) under the Enhancement Theme 'Developing and Supporting the Curriculum' (DSC) Steering Committee. The study ran from January-June 2013. The purposes of the study were: to investigate existing levels of knowledge and understanding within and across the higher education, college and school sectors on the potential impact of Curriculum for Excellence on universities, and on the extent, focus and form of preparation for CfE; to identify priority areas for discussion and further development, particularly for the HE sector; and to explore the value of using a sectoral approach, with the involvement of schools, colleges, universities and sectoral organisations. In this context, we asked the following questions in the study:

  • What is the anticipated impact of Curriculum for Excellence on universities, with particular reference to learning, from the perspectives of staff in, and working with, schools, further education colleges and universities?
  • Are staff in HEIs preparing for the anticipated impact? If so, how?
  • What examples of good practice can staff in HEIs identify to help prepare for the anticipated impact?

The report is featured below and is also available here.



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