Lifelong Learning in Palestine

This project addresses the international development and the indigenous learning needs of the Palestinian people.  LLIP therefore involves:

  • Learning throughout the lifespan – learning that is from cradle to grave, starting at any age and in any circumstances;
  • Learning that has no boundaries, stretching right across the vocational and academic divide to include all types of formal and informal learning.

It has intention and planning as collaborative exercises mediated through all sorts of learning organizations, which includes schools, colleges and universities with different sorts of learning organization and employment constituting both regional and global partners.  The aim of Lifelong Learning in Palestine is to facilitate Palestine’s emergence as a learning society where tradition and culture come together in a dynamic knowledge-based society.

The project seeks to develop Lifelong Learning as a collaborative project in Palestine.  It aims to develop Lifelong Learning provision in formal and informal networks across the West Bank and Gaza, linking the work of universities to centres outside of the university in civil society.  Seminars and workshops will develop pedagogic partnerships in different settings, facilitating a wide arrangement of adult learning right across Palestinian society.  Palestinian institutions will link innovative work in Lifelong Learning to different regions in Europe and the Arab world. PI: Keith Hammond, Co-PIs Alison Phipps, Rebecca Kay and Mike Osborne)

Partners: University of Malta, St Mary’s University College London, University of Maynooth, University of Birzeit, University of Al Quds, Bethlehem University and The Islamic University of Gaza.

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