Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in the Global South: a Systematic Literature Review

This project funded by VVOB Education for Development in Brusselswith a grant of €29,658 is led by CR&DALL core member, Professor Ellen Boeren and also involves Dr Srabani Maitra, also a CR&DALL core member, and Dr Dong Nguyen, a lecturer in the School of Education. It consists of a systematic literature review on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the Global South and addresses six research questions:

  1. How are PLC defined?
  2. How and by whom are PLC initiated?
  3. Are PLC effective as an instrument for PD of teachers and/or school leaders?
  4. Are effective PLC sustainable?
  5. Are PLC costly?
  6. What advice to VVOB (as an implementor of PLC) and policymaking can we give for each of the above questions?

The literature review will be carried out in a systematic way and will extract sources through the use of a combination of search engines such as Scopus, Google Scholar and EbscoHost. Dissemination will be undertaken through the production of a working paper, a journal article and a conference presentation.

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